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Thread: Can we please delete the smiley?

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    Can we please delete the smiley?

    I got an infraction for using it. I didn't know using that would get me infraction points, but then ignorance of forum rules isn't an excuse really.

    I couldn't however find any references in the rules and regulations against the usage of this smiley.

    Considering that is the case, and to save future new users from getting infractions because they used this can we please delete this smiley and all other similar smileys?

    Please note that this is NOT an attempt at challenging or protesting the infraction I received.



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    You weren't given an infraction just for using that smiley, but for rather how you used it. I think you know that. You've also been asked in the past to contact the mods through VM or email if you have questions about your infractions. Please stop creating these types of threads.
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