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Thread: Clarification needed

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    Clarification needed

    Hi Admin n mods,

    I was at the receiving end of a profile infraction a few days back.

    This came to me as a surprise as I couldn't recollect where I have been harassing others in this site. Naturally I reached out to the mod first who gave me that, but he has refused to clarify.

    Then I VMed the admin, seems he too is too busy to respond.

    I don't mind the points or infraction, but atleast I believe I am owed an explanation. Atleast I can steer clear of such temptations in future.



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    We'll look into it, but word of advice: don't make threads like this in the open about stuff like this (ie. mod decisions etc.) - they don't lead to anywhere nice. Drop us an email ( if you need to talk something through, that way it stays nice and private.
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