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Thread: My prank ban

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    My prank ban

    I don't care if this thread closed. I want some answers publicly or privately. I also want other members to know what an absolute shower the moderators have been.

    I want someone to explain how it's fair for someone (ginger furball) to personally insult another member without any real provocation to get banned for 1 week and I get banned for 2 weeks because he can't control himself. See:

    *Official* English Football Season 2010-11

    I also made reference to my previous 1 week ban, which was for this (seriously):

    *Official* English Football Season 2010-11

    If only I were a stalking nutcase with Pickup as my pal, then I could get away with anything. The moderators are just as pathetically cliquey as the normal members on this forum. Sort it out.
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    1. No real provocation? Bar the fact you completely laid into Scottish football for no reason other than it graced your TV? As a Scot and a Football fan he's bound to find that provocative.

    2. Let it go, really, you got a ban, its over, do you want a time machine so the ban can be rescinded?
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    lol, embarassing OP.

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    Scaly, if you have an issue with a ban decision, please feel free to contact the mods and we'll gladly discuss it. Creating a thread about it is not appropiate.

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