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Thread: Changes to the frontpage

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    Changes to the frontpage

    We have made a few adjustments to the frontpage today making more of our content readily available for your viewing.

    The changes include:

    Cricket Games News - we have brought back Cricket Games news with the three most recent news items being displayed.

    Fantasy Cricket - a list of current competitions are listed along with the a mini standings list and when the next match in a particular competition is to be played.

    What Happened On This Day - some of you may remember this feature from an earlier Cricket Web design. We decided to bring this back and have included a players celebrating their birthday today feature alongside it with a link to their Stats Spider profile.

    Online Store - Two random popular purchases will appear each time the frontpage is loaded. Remember by purchasing a product from Cricket Web through our partners helps support the site.

    Twitter/Facebook - we have joined the Twitter and Facebook social networking sites so we can bring you the latest news about Cricket Web straight to your profile.

    Many more changes are due this year so stay tuned for more great new features from the Cricket Web team.

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    Has the font in the forum changed or something? Whatever it is, for some reason the whole page has gone bloody haywire on my laptop at home.
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    It was the same for me. Press Ctrl + F5.
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    That's weird guys, I didn't change anything to do with the font.

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    You may have accidently zoomed in.
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