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Thread: Test Match Cricket - PDA game

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    Test Match Cricket - PDA game

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    I recently became interested in Cricket and I used this game to try and learn. From what I asked here (very helpful forum) and this game I started to catch on, It is easy to learn the commands, and for Cricket fans I assume it would be fun to play the "classic teams" against current squads. The trial version only lets you play the first day, but I was so hooked I purchased the full version in a couple days. He has a special price (50% off) through the end of the current WC. If you have a PDA, give it a look. One thing that happened to me while playing I thought was curious. I was playing (and captain of) South Africa 06 versus Pakistan 06. H Gibbs was out with a duck on the first ball for both innings. Don't know if that is something that would happen in real life, you guys know better than me. If anyone wants to know the teams included ask and I will pass them along. One thing I liked is you can edit your own team, so if you want to make a monster team with your buddies names you can. There are also files for the associate clubs and small clubs.

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