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Thread: [R9] Spennymoor Accordian Allstars CC vs Sparks with Laser Beams on Their Heads

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    Marcuss can you sim all me games from now on? Kthx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    let me get this straight, Spark needed five wickets on the last day with clouds and drew?
    Pretty much, tbf he had about an hour and half to take the last 3 wickets IIRC and couldn't manage it.

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    Bres > Spark
    Quote Originally Posted by FaaipDeOiad
    Healy's attempts at analysis are just so good. Earlier he listed the percentages of deliveries that Broad landed in the "good" "full" and "short" lengths, adding up naturally to 100, and concluded that he was so successful as a bowler because he got every ball to land in these areas.

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