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Thread: CW Premier League - Trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by vcs View Post
    Laxman is having a bit of a stinker so far, while Hayden is gunning it. VVS had an awesome 2010, doesn't the sim take recent form into account?
    VVS waiting for the big games to perform probably lol.

    On another note, McGrath WAG!! Timeless.
    "I will go down as Darren Sammy, the one who always smiles" - Darren Sammy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himannv View Post
    VVS waiting for the big games to perform probably lol.

    On another note, McGrath WAG!! Timeless.
    VVS will wait until you're 9 down with 150 to get and he's half dead before making a matchwinning century. It's just how he rolls.
    I got a new heart, got a new heart, got a new artificial heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    I've got exams (post grad) in a couple of weeks time so wouldn't mind vcs taking over.

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    From now all you'll need to do is post lineups. If you can get on once every couple of days, that should be fine.
    do you think people will be allowed to make violins?
    who's going to make the violins?

    forever 63*

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