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Search results

  1. M

    Ever not been able to watch your team??

    Yes unfortunatly....a membership holder.....this season weve got to do something....anything better than the last 2 seasons
  2. M

    Vettori v.s. Giles

    Vettori and giles debate? at the moment i fink giles has the edge after the summer he had, and although both can use the bat, giles is very consistant with it, pitty he cant spin it more
  3. M

    England 'A' in the UAE etc

    whos this harrison batting now?
  4. M

    England 'A' in the UAE etc

    Bell = the final piece, his batting is perfect and will really if selected be benificail vs the austarlians, pieterson and bell have shown there worth for the summer....lets thrash bangladesh, then mash the aussies
  5. M

    *Official* English Domestic Season Thread (2005)

    What if he gets injured for his county......we want Trescothick all the time at somerset but admit that hes England first then somerset......lets protect our best players by not over playing them...lest have a 110% for the Australian tests.
  6. M

    The ``ASHES`` and the Pietersen diillema

    What about Bell opening? ok he bats at 3 for England 'A' but if hes good enough play him opening, strauss at 3, Vaughan 4, etc etc
  7. M

    What is a "Good pitch"

    A good pitch is one that allows my right arm chuckers to spin, a pitch that slopes both ways, cracks up all over the place, has stumps that are larger than average, with a alot of grip, o and a tail win always helps, gud old village cricket. No a good pitch is one that has a bit for both batters...
  8. M

    Ever not been able to watch your team??

    In a years time only the minority of us will be able to watch england!!!!! Thanks Sky :), and if ur a somerset supporter we wiish we couldnt watch our team, role on April
  9. M

    Why Murali does not throw

    He dosent chuck becasuse he has a massive legal backing behind him, he does chuck, although the ICC dont want a legal case vs. them so they change the rules. Now he 'illegal' bowls properly. its laughable
  10. M

    favourite / least favourite cricket commentators

    Channel 4 commentators are the best in the game, Sky though has some of the worst. Botham contracdicts so much that its laughable. He is so awful to listen to at times i feel like head butting the cat......its a shame when Channel 4 lose the rights that we will have to listen to him more :@
  11. M

    **Official** Zimbabwe in South Africa Thread

    Totally agree, wot is the point in tests like these......it will in fact lead to Kenya among others pushing for ICC full member staus if Zimbabwe can have it. Awful, and this is with sum gud players in the team. South Africa culd put out there under 15's and still win against zimababwe. At least...
  12. M

    **2007 World Cup**

    You never know, Antigua may become the next Zimbarbwe!!! Guyana may decare war on Brazil!!!!!!, i think its fair to say that this worl cup will see bar the rain all the games being played
  13. M


    Woodworm nice piece of wood, ive just brought my brother one and it is lovely waited piece of wood, however Millichamp and Hall best bast made, somerset make that has all the qualities of woodworm although with better quality wood, and because its made in the cidar country best bat in the world
  14. M

    Biggest Six You've Ever Seen

    Ian Blackwell in practise for the 20/20 hit a six from the old pavillion end straight into the market on the other side of the Tone River over the new pavillion, no one has achieved that since Botham and Richards
  15. M

    Most underrated and overrated players in the world?

    Most certinly overrated is JAMES ANDERSON, he has played well for one world cup, and one series vs Zimbabwe...woooooooo......he cant hit the cut strip at the moment......i think id have more chnce of getting the ball to hit middle and off then he can....and i cant bowl faster than spin pace. He...
  16. M

    **2007 World Cup**

    kwek Pietersen for cr**sake, yeah England were without Flintoff and had a bowling problem if you ask me, another batsman that stays in would be nice too Pieterson = replacement for thorpe when he retires in the test side, i dont agree with him being able to play for england, however because he...
  17. M

    Biggest cricket moment when you've been at the ground

    Domestic level...the Kent vs somerset semi 3 years ago, a game in which the Whole of the county ground was packed, i was sittign behind the bowlers arm, and the atmosphere was electric. And Somerset won. The last overs of Kents innings were class, needing bout 15 runs to win with wickets in hand...
  18. M

    **2007 World Cup**

    Fair enough after south Africa we looked far from being World Cup champions. Although we were withoiut Flintoff, and properly another fast or fast medium bowler. However the series did have some positives....pieterson?????? have flintoff in there as well, treser and strauss, vaughan, jones then...
  19. M

    Who's Your Favourite Player for the Weirdest Reason?

    Thos Hunt on a county level due to his average season for somerset (now out of contract), due to his hard wroked perforamnces all season...worked more than most of the team but yet played the worst innings and bowled the worst spells ever.....on a international level it is Stuart McGill.....one...
  20. M

    Fringe Aussie fringe Players who would excel in other teams..

    Has anybody missed out Jamie Cox......although with mixed form he would of made moist international xis apart from austrlia....he was also a great cpatain for somerset (apart from the 2002 season)......Quality batsmen that would of got into any team in the top 5 in the order