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Search results

  1. shortpitched713

    Testing Forum in Here!

    Whatever happened to those really long testing forum threads with polls and the like? I think they need to make a comeback. So this thread is my contribution to bringing testing forum back to its former glory.
  2. shortpitched713

    Pakistan Cricket (or lack thereof)

    The Pakistan cricket team's fixtures for 2008 are ass. Discuss.
  3. shortpitched713

    Battle of the Subcontinental Seamers not from Pakistan

    In commemoration of the imminent split in World cricket I have decided to start this battle (and maybe another couple) to highlight the rich tradition and depth of cricket in the subcontinent, as well as seriously compare some of the lesser renowned amongst our cricketers. So to start this...
  4. shortpitched713

    Stick cricket multiplayer (Players needed for tournament)

    Stuck cricket has launched a new multi player version of their game. Its only on the Australian version of their site though. If anyones up for a challenge, my username is blingdawg. :cool:
  5. shortpitched713

    The beginning of the end for sledging?

    Brad Hogg's ban imo will eventually signal the end to this boorish and totally unsportsmanlike behavior. A good, though long overdue move by the ICC.
  6. shortpitched713

    Pay to Play

    Which international cricketer would you play to play against? You get 11 overs to either bowl or bat against them. You can choose either current or past cricketers, living or dead. Personally, I'm not sure whether I'd want a chance to bowl against Bradman or maybe bat against Muralitharan. I...
  7. shortpitched713

    Predict National Side 2011

    Blatant rip off of the Predict National Side 2008 thread, considering that making predictions in there isn't all that difficult... Pakistan Test Salman Butt Yasir Hameed Younis Khan* Bazid Khan Faisal Iqbal Shoaib Malik Shahid Afridi/Sohail Tanvir Sarfraz Ahmed+ Umar Gul Danish Kaneria Mohammad...
  8. shortpitched713

    Caption This: Pollock, Boucher

  9. shortpitched713

    Greatest Ever Fast Bowler?

    Well we've done similar things in the past, first with the Battle of the Pace Bowlers then with adharcric's Ranking the Bowlers Thread, but some might say both of these methods might have their flaws in determining point blank who is the greatest fast bowler of all time. For example only 12...
  10. shortpitched713

    Caption this: Younis Khan

  11. shortpitched713

    ODI rule changes

    So apparently ODI cricket is dieing a slow and painful death. People are bored, or something like that. So how do you guys think the game should be changed to add a little spice? Personally I feel that the over limitations on bowlers should be relaxed. Either two of the bowlers should be...
  12. shortpitched713

    Caption this: Michael Vaughan

  13. shortpitched713

    Drug Testing? World Cup?

    Does anyone know if there will be drug testing before the Wrold Cup? Leaving aside the pending punishment of certain players, I would at least like to know that all of the players who are playing in the competition are clean during the competition.
  14. shortpitched713

    Lee and Kaneria

    These guys are a lot more similar than they would appear at first glance. Both of them have had a lot of hype, both of them have all the tools to be great bowlers, and both of them have averages on the wrong side of 30 and have generally not performed up to their potential in Test matches. Why...