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  1. dro87

    Linear scoring method

    Hello everyone, My sister is really keen on scoring (she's even a ICC Europe tutor for scoring) she's been doing it for years.. She would like to learn how to use and master the linear method.. I've been looking for examples on google but had no luck.. Is there anyone who knows how it works or...
  2. dro87

    **Official** ICC World T20 Qualifier Thread.

    Great game.. It could have gone both ways.. Italy would have deserved the win- but Ireland obviously wasn't 100% concentrated in the second innings.. But still well done Italy!! Proud to be Italian :D
  3. dro87

    **Official** ICC World T20 Qualifier Thread.

    Nope.. I didn't make it in the final 14- but I'm still registered for the tournament and if any player gets injured I may be called up (I am one of the four reserve players)
  4. dro87

    **Official** ICC World T20 Qualifier Thread.

    The eligibility rules for the t20wc are more flexible thus making it easier for Di Venuto to rappresent the Azzurri without spending an entire cricket season in Italy.. Which until he has a pro contract would be nearly impossible!! England play south African players with English backgrounds...
  5. dro87

    How to popularize Cricket?

    I think there are two ways to get cricket more popular. First is showing the game on free tv in all coutries which arn't big on cricket and not only t20, but even 50 over games and test full highlights Second getting T20 cricket into the Olimpics, which would give lots more funds to the...
  6. dro87

    Ashes betting

    bet365 is the only web site i can manage to bet in cricket from Italy.. If you now your game you can even win a fair bit.. Till last year you could still sign up without giving out to many info, but now they want your proper address and they'll send you a letter for confirmation- Ah and the...
  7. dro87

    *Official* First Test at the Gabba

    top batting by england ;) great opening stand..
  8. dro87

    *Official* First Test at the Gabba

    hussey and haddin batting really well, both in ful flow now.. England need a wicket asp if they want to win the test
  9. dro87

    "Australia's most talented athletes are wasted in a code that the world ignores."

    I think cricket must be considered a global sport- yes it's BIG only in 10-12 countries, but it's played in most of the countries in the world.. ICC has got 105 members (10 full, 35 Associate, 60 Affiliate) Rugby has 124 member countries, so it's probably more spread than cricket, but there's...
  10. dro87

    The greatest tactician

    This article was taken from crickinfo's columm Ask Steven.. Great exaple of Brearley's pure "innovation" in captaincy! I heard that Mike Brearley, frustrated by Middlesex's inability to break a stubborn partnership, put the spare fielding helmet in front of the wicket to try to tempt the...
  11. dro87

    WCL Div 8

    backing the Gib boys! C'mon! :)
  12. dro87

    *Official* WCL - Global Div 4, Italy 2010

    Italy are back in the ICC WCL 3!! I'll go to Bologna tommorow to watch the final! My career? Well my "international career" has actually started.. Last year i went with the Italy A team to tour Jersey, playing friendlys with Jersey teams, while last month i was again in Jersey with the full...
  13. dro87

    *Official* WCL - Global Div 4, Italy 2010

    Actually we have two players born in Italy Alessandro Bonora the skipper, and Luis Di Giglio who learnt all his cricket in Italy. Plus six other players have an Italian mother or father, which makes them 100% italian ;) If KP, Morgan, Trott etc play for England, and how can all our players not...
  14. dro87

    Should we promote Regional Tournaments

    They would surely raise the playing standards in the associate leves, but VERY few countries could afford a unit of 16 professional players.. O the Regional Tournamens topic, i think it would benifit mainly the associate, but not only tecnicly speaking.. in the sense of media coverage.. More...
  15. dro87

    The Not Out Signal

    yes he first does the mea culpa with his arms across his chest with his hands ending up on the shoulders then does the dead ball signal. I new way could be introduced- just to hel the spectators.
  16. dro87

    Non Test Playing Nations!!!

    It's some ime i haven't post, bu still read prety regulary- Had to reply to this post. This was the official media release. 25th June 2001 ITALY WITHDRAWS FROM ICC TROPHY Italy has withdrawn its team from the ICC Trophy tournament in Toronto, Canada following a disagreement over player...
  17. dro87

    The Guardian article on the spreading of cricket

    actually i'm the one at the end of the article,.my name is Leandro The guy in the pic is Shan my club team mate, started playing for Italy this year.. really good prospect (ah btw he's 86) Well your right about the fact that it's mainly played by immigrants, but lots of second generations...
  18. dro87

    The Guardian article on the spreading of cricket

  19. dro87

    Italy surprise the Dutch in tense opening match

    Italy are 115-9 after 40 overs against the scots... We won the toss and decided to bat first- as always... mmm
  20. dro87

    Italy surprise the Dutch in tense opening match

    Well actually in the first match of Euro 2008 Italy got hammered by the Dutch :D