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  1. D

    Top-ranked team vs Rest of the World XI

    You should definately pick both IMO at the expense of fleming, i mean these guys are all time greats, whilst fleming is nowhere near there league- there are plenty of others who could do a good job as captain You should always pick the best 11 players and then chose a captain from that bunch if...
  2. D

    CWXI Development League

    Name: Don Ricardo Right handed Not a keeper Off Spin Bowler Batting Position- about 8 (bowling allrounder) Batting Average- 22 (defensive style) Bowling Ave- 19 Cheers
  3. D

    Shane Watson

    Tell that to the South Africa A attack whom he blasted for 100 of 90-something balls in a first-class game on tour there. He can certainly hit when he needs to, but is very effective at doggedly fighting with the bat, which may not be pretty, but is needed by the team.
  4. D

    Top-ranked team vs Rest of the World XI

    Why did u omit tendulkar at the expense of a specialist captain? Why did mark boucher not even make the shortlist for wicketkeeper, let alone make the squad? No offence, man, but that team is hardly the 'best of the rest'
  5. D

    Best cricket book

    Yeah the Warwick Todd books are great
  6. D

    Biggest chokers of all time!

    I agree wholeheartedly Gavaskar (a couple of weeks before): "The way they played in the World Cup and on this tour of Australia, I'd put India right at the top." (what was so good about india at the world cup?- they were rubbish against the testing material (ie aus))
  7. D

    Most test wickets , which bowler ????

    What exactly have either of these two done for you to make that assertion? Let me guess...they were born in India. Mate, if you truly believe what you are saying, you seriously need a reality check. If you're just taking the mickey, stop it now- it has become irritating enough.
  8. D

    By when do you think India will become number one team in the World?

    IMO its not a matter of a set number or years, but more a question of whether they can achieve a number of outcomes in their cricket set up: - produce some quality pace bowling that will be able to bowl test sides out -improve the fielding dramatically, especially the out cricket ( the...
  9. D

    Ganguly to Gilchrist- you're not as innocent as you look

    This thread seems to be simply a case of some indian supoorters finding something to whinge about after there heavy defeats. Im not sure what the whole fuss about the Pathan issue is- he was reprimanded of the referee, which is hardly a big deal. I doubt williams et al would be that peturbed...
  10. D

    Andrew Symonds in contention for Test squad

    You have to realise, however, but for a proportion of that time (ie earlier on) he only bowled off spin and hardly took any wickets, which would make his overall average look worse. In the last few years he has become a far superior first class bowler since he began bowling his medium pace...
  11. D

    Andrew Symonds in contention for Test squad

    If symonds comes in he can fill the void left by the retiring Steve Waugh (lehmann should probably get this spot, but if he doesnt for some reason, i rekon symonds would be a good choice)
  12. D

    The Best Death Bowler

    Good call on fleming- if there was ever a man to win more clutch matches in the last over id like to see him. Another memorable occasion (other than the world cups you mentioned) was allan borders last odi in sth africa where fleming helped aus to a 1 run victory (another sth africa choke:D )
  13. D

    No Dodgy action!!

    Why is it that every time a young indian bowler emerges who can land the ball somewhere near the pitch he is hyped up as the next superstar?
  14. D

    Bowler Captains can't win World Cups!

    Try telling that to richie benaud- one of the best Aussie captains ever
  15. D

    *Official* VB Series - Australia, India & Zimbabwe

    Ryfler, thats the most contradictory post ive ever read.
  16. D

    Biggest chokers of all time!

    If your other posts contain the same tone of simply trying to get up the indian fans' noses for no reason it does not surprise me that you are censured. Stick to the topic and talk some sense.
  17. D

    Biggest chokers of all time!

    With all due respect, i really cant see how the indians can be called 'chokers'- they are simply not good enough to outdo Australia, thats all. People say they are competitive with Australia and all this, but the simple fact is that they have only beaten Aus about twice in their last dozen...
  18. D

    the best captain in the world

    The example ganguly sets is the field is pathetic- he has to be the second laziest fielder in the world (behind inzy), and the way he just drops his shoulders and gives the look of "i dont give a stuff" on his face when things are going bad would not be a great thing to see if you were an indian...
  19. D

    the best captain in the world

    Agree with the point about S.K. Warne In the odd occasions that he has captained Aus in the ODIs he has been brilliant, and really seems to add something to the team through his ability to improvise and not conform to the norms (ie he bowled Ponting first change for a full 10 overs in one game...