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Search results

  1. GGG

    **Official* IPL 2016

    See Henriques had another stellar game, another 10 in a row and he may get dropped down the order.
  2. GGG

    **Official* IPL 2016

    No worse than anyone else not named Warner, second highest s/r in his last game and 3rd highest score, 2nd highest score in the game before, two fails and a 50. Scape goat last season as well. What about Henriques? What has he done exactly to deserve his place? been tidy with the ball but...
  3. GGG

    Semi Final 1 - New Zealand v England (30th March)

    Yeah always thought if it was a batsman's wicket they would win, we needed a turner.
  4. GGG

    Semi Final 1 - New Zealand v England (30th March)

    Depends on the wicket, if it is a belter I think England.
  5. GGG

    16th Match - Bangladesh v New Zealand (26th March)

    Just curious, could Sodhi get a IPL contract as a local? I take it he has or could get a Indian passport or is it purely on which country you play for?
  6. GGG

    ***Official*** Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2015

    Wasn't he talking about giving up ODI's a while back and focusing on tests?
  7. GGG

    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    Have any of them earned it?
  8. GGG

    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    Chatfield could also land it on a coin at will.
  9. GGG

    The Lost New Zealand team under Stephen Fleming

    Allott was a white ball bowler, was pretty toothless in the tests I watched him play. O'Connor was just one in a long line of medium fast swing bowlers that if the conditions are right they looked a million dollars, not sure if I would have him over Wagner in most situations but who knows what...
  10. GGG

    Pink ball cricket - thoughts

    Wouldn't have Jardine been playing when pink was a boys colour and blue was for girls. It is funny how perceptions of colours can change and it all really boils down to it is just a colour.
  11. GGG

    Brad Haddin retires

    He was watching with both eyes.
  12. GGG

    Is Jacques Kallis Ken Barrington of modern age?

    Kallis has a better record overseas and if people are going to say Kallis isn't rated so high because of Australia then why not the same with Sobers and New Zealand?
  13. GGG

    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    No you don't. We are the under dogs that will punch above our weight etc
  14. GGG

    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    I wish I could sleep for 4 weeks.
  15. GGG

    Bermuda Cricket Brawl

    How blase is that commentator.
  16. GGG

    Over by 30 XI

    All I could think of.
  17. GGG

    What would your stats be if you actually played international cricket?

    Depends on the wicket, I think I could scratch out a dodgy 10 on a road and a old ball against anyone not more that 135km. I would need a few months of nets as I haven't batted in over a decade though. Speed and swing and I would be toast.
  18. GGG

    The best test batsman to average Under 61, 50, 40 and 30 IYO?

    Has Martin Crowe been mention yet? Certainly a 50+ average test batsman but he was picked too early and retired too late.
  19. GGG

    Shahadat Hossain on the run after allegedly physically abusing 11-year old maid

    Yeah a lot of people don't get this. Begging and living on the street vs a roof over your house and food in your belly. I am not saying it is right but it is better than the alternative.
  20. GGG

    Which will contain more discussion about New Zealand cricket?

    Chris Cairns as a flanker and his dad as hooker.