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    Run Out

    I, for the life of me, cannot understand why International players with so much experience and coaching get themselves Run Out for no good reason. In the recent Eng/India series, we've seen Pujara, Root and Curran get Run Out when they're not chasing. In fact, when they're supposed to be...
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    Prime Minister Imran Khan

    Has any cricketer attained a higher position post-retirement ? Where many, myself included, thought he had absolutely no chance of winning the leadership of a country - he continues to confound the critics. :shocking: Time will tell how well he does, but his place in history is secure. The...
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    Who was the greater batsman ? Zaheer Abbas or Mohammed Azharuddin

    Seeing as it is Zaheer Abbas' birthday, here is a comparative match-up against a similar type of batsman. Both were stylists with extraordinary starts to their Test careers Zaheer scored 274 in only his 2nd Test - the highest debut Test innings in England. Azhar scored 3 centuries in his...
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    Cricketer's Contribution to the game

    Which of the following aspects you believe to be the greater contribution from a cricketer's career ? Give reasons explaining your vote.
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    Communication with Cricinfo

    Have you ever received a response or any interaction with Cricinfo ? I have had 3 : 1. Had a comment published in the commentary of the recent England / Pakistan Test series 2. Received an answer to a statistical question from Steven Lynch 3. Won a book on a Caption Contest : " My favourite...
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    The Cricketer magazines - what should I do with them ?

    I've been saving Cricketer magazines for years ( 80's onward ). They were great reads - nothing more satisfying than lounging with a new issue in hand. Or perusing an old mag recollecting a great match or event. Now, I'm ready to dispose of them - clearing house. I've spoken to a few cricket...
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    John Snow, Jeff Thomson or Andy Roberts ?

    I've always wondered who was the best bowler from these 3. They had many similarities : - Have close bowling aggregates, averages, strike rates - Debuted close to each other - Terrified batsmen Vote for 1 with reasons why
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    A. Border vs S. Waugh - who was the greater Cricketer ?

    Both tough as nails cricketers Both successful leaders Both dogged middle-order batsmen Both could turn their arms over quite well Taking all aspects into consideration, who do you believe was the greater cricketer ? With reasons.
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    World Cup in pictures

    Please post poignant pictures portraying perfect poses
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    Afridi - Class Act

    Post-match comments from Afridi : "First of all I'd like to congratulate the Indian cricket team and the Indian nation for this great victory, and wish them all the best fo the final" "I want to say sorry to my nation. We tried our level best, and we enjoyed ourselves at this tournament" My...
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    Basic Instinct

    Different Strokes | Cricket Blogs | ESPN Cricinfo Would be interesting to have a psychologist diagnose the psyche of people who delve into base instincts over something that is merely a game. What is it in the human mind and spirit that escalates a game into the highest echelons of their being...
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    Run-outs - are they worth the risk ?

    There have been quite a few run-outs in this WC Seems like the most of all the WC's, though I could be wrong. The 1st one had 4 IIRC in the final against Australia vs WIndies. The question is whether they are worth the risk
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    Which team beat Australia more convincingly ?

    Which team beat Australia more convincingly ? Pakistan or India ? 40th Match, Group A: Australia v Pakistan at Colombo (RPS) - Mar 19, 2011 Australia 176 (46.4 ov); Pakistan 178/6 (41 ov) Pakistan won by 4 wickets (with 54 balls remaining) 2nd Quarter-Final: India v Australia at Ahmedabad -...
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    Attribute for winning the World Cup

    Which of the following attributes play the largest part in winning the World Cup ?
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    Deliberately losing a match

    Is it OK for a team to deliberately lose a match so as to position themselves against an opponent whom they feel they could more likely beat ? After all, the objective is to win the World Cup and how you do that is entirely up to you. Any ramifications, sanctions, objections to this...
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    Most profound World Cup Winners

    Which of the following WC winners was, IYO, the most profound, poignant, remarkable one 1975 - W.Indies, led by Clive Lloyd in the 1st ever WC, amidst much fanfare and providing the impetus for the success of the ODI game 1983 - India, led by Kapil Dev for staging what is the greatest upset...
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    Record or Result

    Which would give you greater satisfaction ? If one of your countrymen were to set/break a record ? Or if they were to go for a result (win) ? e.g. if SRT were to hit the 50th 100's record and draw a match or hit a quickfire 57 out and win a match ? or put another way : Are you a...
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    Best AT WI pacer to complement M.Marshall

    Who, in your opinion, is the best AT WI pacer to complement M.Marshall ? Am looking for the best opening pair attack ( not necessarily the next best pacer after Marshall )
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    Greatest All-rounder if captaincy were to be included

    Which of the following is the greatest All-Rounder if captaincy were to be considered.
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    Which discipline has the greatest importance ?

    Which of the following disciplines do you feel are most important for team success ? Vote for one, rate the others if you wish and explain why