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    Abolish the DRS

    I can't think if a more terrible feature for a fan of the sport. It slows down the game and adds no additional entertainment value. I'm sick of examples like yesterday when that knob Ansari stood stood his ground and reviewed a plumb LBW. Take the decision and get on your way. I'm fine with...
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    Spin bowling delievery types

    What are all the delivery types that international level spin bowlers use? What variations in line and length? Off-spinners: - off-spinner - armball - doosra - others? Leg-spinner: - leg-spinner - top-spinner - googly - flipper - ?
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    Play by Play Data

    Been thinking about new cricket stats. One difficulty in obtaining good stats is lack of match data. Looking through the cricinfo ball-by-ball commentary, it doesn't lend itself well to analyzing with a computer. Are there other sources (free or paid) of match data? I was considering going...
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    Cricket and your lifestyle

    Tell us about how cricket fits into your daily routine and lifestyle. Stuff like reading this forums, playing on weekends, checking scores at work, whatever. How much time does this game take up in your life? For me it is usually Wake up Watch any current matches I've recorded on PVR (about...
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    Am I the only one who finds signatures on the forum annoying? Does everyone really need one, especially those bright and flashy ones. I find that it makes the threads hard to read, because most of the text is this repetitive nonsense. Anyone else feel the same? I know that another forum I post...
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    Cricket blogs?

    I currently don't read any cricket blogs. What is your favorite blogs about the game we love? I'd love to read stuff like tour diaries or just about club/school cricket.
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    Book recommendations?

    I would like to start building a library of cricket books. I would like to learn about the history of the game (mostly international level, also english and maybe australian county). Also, I'd like to read some instructional books too, because I am also learning to play this great game! I got...
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    Hiring a cricket coach

    Hey guys, I would like to start playing organized cricket again.. Problem is that I'm not very good, and don't have much experience (I'm 25, but only started playing at around 21, but then took the last 2 years off). So I've played about 2 seasons of club cricket here in Canada. I would like to...
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    ICC 2002 not working

    So I dusted off my old icc2002 cd and installed on my new computer. Installation went fine. But when I start the game, I get a black screen (I can hear the music though) and nothing happens. The keyboard and mouse become unresponsive and I have to kill the program. Any ideas? Could it be my...