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    ***Official*** India vs England 2021 General Discussion thread

    How do us Yankees watch this? ESPN+? Disney+??
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    ***Official*** India vs England 2021 General Discussion thread

    First test England 500+ and draw. Second and third tests England failed to reach 300. This is true for 4th and One thread per series seems utterly sufficient.
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    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    Because poor captaincy should be called out.
  4. I

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    SL played in multiple venus in Colombo and also Kandy in early days.
  5. I

    Your favorite batsman to watch bat!!!

    Good call out. Might sound bog standard but Sachin was truly a joy to watch in his prime when in full flight. Aesthetically he's underrated by non-Indian fans.
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    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    You posted a month old article?
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    *Official* West Indies Tour of England 2020

    Genius idea to play 3 tests in Manchester.
  8. I

    *Official* West Indies Tour of England 2020

    Replace Campbell with De Silva and that's a ***y team! Would be fun to watch.
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    Your favorite batsman to watch bat!!!

    You saw Bradman play?
  10. I

    Rank These 21st Century Pacers

    1. Steyn 2. Cummins 3. Bumrah 4. Asif 5. Philander 6. Rabada 7. Harris 8. Anderson 9. Bond 10.Broad
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    *Official* West Indies Tour of England 2020

    Think WI need to drop Roach if Gabriel is fit. Doesn't look like he will take a wicket this summer and want to see Chemar soon.
  12. I

    Who would you bring back from retirement?

    Sanga so it's enjoyable to watch SL in tests again.
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    Rank the following Sri Lankan Test Batsmen

    Roy Dias - His stats are not impressive and he only played 20 tests. But he is my dad's favorite batsmen and he knows his cricket. Arjuna Ranatunga - Just an average test batsmen. Great leader. Aravinda de SIlva - The most talented batsmen in this group but I feel he didn't reach his potential...
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    *Official* West Indies Tour of England 2020

    So apparently this guy has 1 FC hundred in 16 matches with an average of 32. Why is he anywhere near the test side?
  15. I

    4 Day Tests

    Let's ditch the second innings and go with 3 day tests. imagine the drama!
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    *Official* Sri Lanka in India 2019/20

    That's what home tests are for.
  17. I

    Cricketweb decides- England's all time ODI XI

    Botham and Archer.
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    *Official* India in West Indies 2019

    Is Ishant Sharma still a thing in 2019?
  19. I

    *Official* New Zealand tour of Sri Lanka 2019

    Seems light on spinners. First test is Galle. But I guess NZ have **** spinners anyways, all the best.
  20. I

    Jos Buttler - England's greatest ever?

    Jos is quite dreamy.