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Search results

  1. dro87

    Linear scoring method

    Hello everyone, My sister is really keen on scoring (she's even a ICC Europe tutor for scoring) she's been doing it for years.. She would like to learn how to use and master the linear method.. I've been looking for examples on google but had no luck.. Is there anyone who knows how it works or...
  2. dro87

    The Guardian article on the spreading of cricket

  3. dro87

    Italy surprise the Dutch in tense opening match

    Italy sprang the first surprise of the tournament, recovering from a disastrous start to complete an 8-run victory over The Netherlands in a tense finish at the Inch, Balrothery. Put in to bat, Italy were reeling on 21 for four by the seventh over, Edgar Schiferli taking two for 5 and Mudassar...
  4. dro87

    Global sport?

    Do you think that twenty20 cricket may help make cricket a real global sport? Yes it's played in something like 120 coutries, but considering i know that italy are in the top 30 makes me think a lot... The biggest problems we find here are money and media following. What do you think would...
  5. dro87

    Turf Wicket

    Just wondered how much would it cost to lay 3 or 4 turf wickets. And how much you spend per year to keep well. In Italy there are no turf wickets, just astroturf and in Serie B a couple of coconut mats... My club Capannelle CC is planing of laying the turf, but how much would it cost? thanx...
  6. dro87

    Cricket Ball

    Which cricket ball is the best? In italy we use or kookaburra balls( we get them from Australia) or unknown Indian/Pakistani balls... Does anyone know what ball they use at Test/ODI level? Cheers Leandro
  7. dro87

    Caption This: Hayden and Clarke

  8. dro87

    If you could get any first class player in your club who whould it be

    Same as the title.... For me it would be Murali or Flintoff
  9. dro87

    walk or not???

    On Sunday for the second time in a row a walked off after edging the ball, and none of the umpires heard or saw anything.... The first time i was on 16 and the second i was only on 4... My skipper/dad got ****ed off cos my fair-play was going against the team, and because i'm the only player in...
  10. dro87

    drinks break...

    I was wondering if drinks breaks are counted in the time limit to bowl your 50 overs, and if not, how much time have you got? thanx dro
  11. dro87

    Leg Spin or Off Spin????

    Hi, with the season just started here in Italy i was thinking of changing my bowling style... I now bowl off-spin, i manage to place the ball on the spot, decive with flight, but i don't get much spin... I was trying in the nets bowling a cuople of leg breaks... I spin the ball loads more, but...
  12. dro87

    New web site!!!

    i don't know if i can post this here... (mods: delete or move it if i'm wrong) But i finally finished my club's WEB SITE!!!! Have a look and tell me what you think about it! Sorry but for the first couple of months it will be only in italian... Capannelle C.C.
  13. dro87

    Official Italian Seria A 3rd

    He is the first game of the season: Giornata I - (1 maggio): - Trentino - Gallicano @ Caipoli = 237 - 121/2 - Bologna - Maremma @ Falsetti = 247/7 - 169 - Pianoro - Capannelle @ Ovale = 243/5 - 244/8 That means that my team(Capannelle C.C.) won against last years...
  14. dro87


    Anyone know any brand that offers a sponsorship deal for cricket gear? I had one with newbery, but i don't like their bats... They used to give me and my friend (both sponsored) 70% discont...
  15. dro87


    How many players got the title thanks to their cricket abilities? Who was the last player to get it?
  16. dro87

    Crickinfo Cricket Manager

    link Does someone know something about it?
  17. dro87

    Idea for a freeware game...

    How about a twenty 20 sim? I think it should be quite easy 2 make... Maybe the only problem would be the stats... I don't know much about coding (just a bit of vb) But i'm more than willing to help....
  18. dro87

    Icc Wcq

    Tommorow the ICC world cup qualifers start... Italy are going 2 compete.... crickinfo link ICC WCQ
  19. dro87

    Windies win

    :cool: West Indies won!!!! What a final!!!! great stuff.. well done to number 9 and 10!!! :D