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  1. The Battlers Prince

    Vernon Philander retires

    The guy spent a lot of his early years in tests averaging below 20 with the ball. He was the second man to Steyn in those times and then has ended up being second string to Rabada though never not an important part of the side.
  2. The Battlers Prince

    "In Your Place draft" Vote

    Let's have a vote of your three favourite sides
  3. The Battlers Prince

    In Your Place Draft

    I'm just considering running a draft based on batting positions. When a player has spent the most time of his career batting in a position, it's where he would be in your final XI. Anyone interested?
  4. The Battlers Prince

    Best captains/could have been captains

    Basically I've been thinking about some of the guys who could have made great captains but for whatever reason never led their country. Some of the names I've thought of were Hedley Verity, Keith Miller and Shane Warne. For some potential leaders there have been other guys in their way...
  5. The Battlers Prince

    Might in the Middle

    South Africa at the moment have a well rounded side. No big problems anywhere really. I normally think of their pace bowlers as the driving force behind their wins lately, but thinking about it currently I think more credit should go to their powerhouse middle order. Amla: Argueably as the best...
  6. The Battlers Prince

    Best of the Rest

    If they played a world XI test at the moment it would probably be against South Africa. So who would be in the World XI? And if you think the Saffer selectors have it wrong who plays for them?