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  1. cover drive man

    Was Stokes Out?

  2. cover drive man

    On what planet does 44 against Derbyshire indicate being in Test form?

    BBC Sport - Ashes 2015: Michael Clarke hits 44 as Australia draw with Derbyshire Seriously?
  3. cover drive man

    Urgent Question

    What beer do they serve at old Trafford and how much a pint is it? I'm going the roses Friday and I'm wondering whether it's worth a few bevvies (which I'll almost certainly say yes provided they don't serve pints pf piss or carling) during the game and how much money I'll need. Much obliged x
  4. cover drive man

    Like feature

    What dafudge is this ship? I've only been gone a year
  5. cover drive man


    About half a decade too late, but, if The Big Show and Floyd Mayweather had a real, non scripted free style fight, who do you think would win?
  6. cover drive man

    Man Of The Series?

    Just had a big row with Andmark who thinks Dravid should get man of the series. My argument is how can a player who's lost what very probably looks like a whitewash get man of the series? Andmark's argument is that he's pretty much carried India by scoring three centuries. True, but none of his...
  7. cover drive man

    The CW Horse Tipping Comp

    We have a few tipping games on the forum and I think with the number of racing fans we have (and let's face it, everyone loves a flutter on the Gigis :p) we could do with a racing one. Rules to follow Anyone up for it?
  8. cover drive man

    Trouble getting on the site.

    Hi guys, I can't seem to get on the site on my home computer. I'm using a college one atm, has anyone else been having trouble like this? Also, aussie's banned for two years!? Strange.
  9. cover drive man

    **The Official** Ashes 2825 Thread

    England 5-0!!! Rumours circulate about an Ian Healy return. God I need a drink...
  10. cover drive man

    A different way to rate bowlers

    When determining the top test wicket takers there's the argument of "Sos-and-so didn't play half as many games though" So let's average it out (this is purely statistical, a lot of merits like skill have been left out). The top 57 test wicket takers ever played a total of 4505 games altogether...
  11. cover drive man

    Pakistan coach steals pink panther diamond

    Clouseau to investigate. This is ze fault of ze bookmakers!
  12. cover drive man


    I'm having problems logging in, where do I complain?!
  13. cover drive man


    This was genuine test fool.
  14. cover drive man

    You know what really finds my rears?

  15. cover drive man

    I Want To Play...

    This goddamn game!
  16. cover drive man

    English national football, where do we go from here?

    Will any of us see England lift the world cup in our life times? I quite doubt it. What can be done? We have such a brilliant side but for some reason we can't perform together. Could the fact that premiership stars are bought from abroad and not made from academies. Is it the press putting too...
  17. cover drive man

    Quick question

    What was old trafford used for in ww1?
  18. cover drive man

    Lar Lid or Lad?

    Lad imo.
  19. cover drive man

    How did you get into cricket?

    2005 ashes for me.
  20. cover drive man

    Youtube, Share Your Best Sporting Videos.

    YouTube - Worst Sportscaster Ever!!!