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Search results

  1. randycricfreak

    Randy Cricket Club

    1.Sachin Tendulkar (captain coach and mentor) 2.Prithvi Shaw 3.Dimuth Karunaratne 4.Hanuma Vihari 5..Roshen Silva 6.Shivnarine Chanderpaul 7.Peter Handscombe (wk) 8.Pethum Nissanka 9.Wriddhiman Saha (wk) 10.Ravindra Jadeja 11.Dilruwan Perera 12.Jofra Archer 13.Dale Steyn 14.Kuldeep Yadav 15.Jhye...
  2. randycricfreak

    Kusal Mendis

    Why is Mendis regressing so fast? He started off pretty well, hitting valuable runs. I wonder what wrong has happened in in his game. He's a valuable player. I hope he corrects his game, and give himself bit of a time at the crease initially before going for shots. Kid is 23 now and has...
  3. randycricfreak

    Sangakkara V Smith

    Who was the better batsman? Against the top 6 teams overall record.. Sangakkara Smith Smith overall has done well, thanks to his massive numbers at home. Smith averages 61.76 compared to Sanga's 59.89. There's not a huge difference here tbh. Anyways we can give Smith the nod here...
  4. randycricfreak

    ODI Modern Country Draft Vote

    Poll for the http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/cricket-chat/77440-odi-modern-country-draft-2000s.html]ODI MODERN COUNTRY DRAFT 1)Vote for the top 2 teams. 2)Managers please don't vote for your own team SillyCowCorner1 1. Chris Gayle (WI) 2. Paul Stirling (OTHER) 3. Ramnaresh Sarwan (WI) 4...
  5. randycricfreak

    Role of leg/wrist spinners in limited overs cricket

    Why do we see most teams opting for wrist spinners over the finger spinner, who technically have a greater control over the wrist/leg spinner in LOI cricket.? India limited overs spinners Chahal and Kuldeep have done fantastically well in LOIs, replacing two of the best finger spinners atm in...
  6. randycricfreak

    ODI Modern Country Draft (2000s)

    Pretty straightforward draft. 1)You have to pick a minimum of one cricketer from EACH of these sides. Any player belonging to a country of this category must have played AT LEAST 30 ODIs overall and AT LEAST 1 ODI in the 2000s Australia England South Africa New Zealand India Pakistan Sri...
  7. randycricfreak

    Top order (1-7) wickets percentage of great Test bowlers

    Vaas 274/355 - 77.2% Anderson 387/514 - 75.3% McGrath 421/563 - 74.8% Donald 244/330 - 73.9% Marshall 277/376 - 73.7% Ambrose 293/405 - 72.3% Lillee 258/355 - 72.1% Imran 258/362 - 71.3% Waqar 264/373 - 70.8% Pollock 297/421 - 70.5% Hadlee 302/431 - 70.1% Walsh 356/519 - 68.6% Trueman 210/307 -...
  8. randycricfreak

    Sri Lanka's best batsman in International cricket?

    Who was Sri Lanka's best batsman in Intl' cricket? For me its one of Sanga,Aravinda,Dilshan and Mahela Jayawardena.Sanga is easily the best test bat out of this lot,however in ODIs his records are bolstered by his heroics in the last 2-3 years of his career. Aravinda on the other hand was...
  9. randycricfreak

    Auction ODI draft post 2000s

    This will be an auction ODI draft Managers will have total of 10 Million Dollars to spend Each team should have a minimum of 11 players at the end of auction Those who have played a minimum of 1 ODI in 2000s and an overall of 50 games are qualified for the auction I will be announcing a pool...
  10. randycricfreak

    All time asia odi draft

    This will be an ODI draft You have to pick your players from those who have at least played 1 ODI Only those who have played for an Asian team is valid Apart from that there won't be any other restrictions 10 hours wait between the picks
  11. randycricfreak

    Cricket Web.net Fantasy Test Sqauds

    How the squads have stacked so far Round 1 1. Red Hill-Sir Garry Sobers (1960s) 2. longranger-Sir Viv Richards (1980s) 3. Michaelf7777777-Shane Warne (2000s) 4. honestbharani-Keith Miller (1940s) 5. Sain Kopite- 6. AndyZaltzHair- 7. AldoRaine18- 8. randycricfreak- Round 2 9. Sain Kopite- 10...
  12. randycricfreak

    Cricket Web.net Fantasy Test Draft

    What You have to do You have 11 picks, the order of the picks will be chosen randomely, and the aim of the game is to pick the best possible team from the players available. Once a someone is chosen by a player none of the other players can pick him in their team.You will have one pick at a...