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Search results

  1. cbuts

    WA realeasing

    The following players are most probally being released. anyone interested in a trade, can talk to me on msn. cbuts99@hotmail.com All other players are also avalible to the right deal J Laney Q Friend J Ryder N Ojha C Burns M Hossain Jnr J Graham W Quinn
  2. cbuts


    anyone got an email address for Leics
  3. cbuts

    Guns avaliable from WA

    Four big names are now up for trade from WA W Hopcutt fc bat 35.87 ball 25.71 od bat 30.13 od ball 34.25667 Q Spenser fc bat 43.25 od bat 32.34 J Laney fc bat 41.30 od bat 29.58 M Beasley fc bat 39.75 ball 28.85 od bat 15.63 od bowl 31.1577
  4. cbuts

    Murali is a cheat

    To claim that catch is a disgrace - although what do you expect from someone that throws it
  5. cbuts

    Murali is a cheat

    To claim that catch is a disgrace - although what do you expect from someone that throws it
  6. cbuts

    WA Targets

    Scrap this, after a good OD bowler, prepared to swap for 4d bat
  7. cbuts

    WA Trading

    Western Australia have confirmed the following players are to be released. Any manager wanting any player on this list, should contact manager Chris Butler - cbuts99@hotmail.com Other players may be considered - make an offer
  8. cbuts

    End of year stats

    Hey, just wondering if we are going to get a stats spreadsheet, like past seasons?
  9. cbuts

    J Sullivan

    Wow i wish i was out with him on the weekend. 5 week injury layoff from a hangover. must have been a very specail night haha
  10. cbuts

    Electronic Scorecard Program - AutoScore BETA - Please Test!

    is there any software about, for this function>?
  11. cbuts

    Sullivan - bowl, sr- 28 & 44

    WA looking to secure a solid batsman for him. email or talk to me on msn
  12. cbuts

    4d batsmen wanted

    hey, WA are wanting 4d batsmen, some great bowlers such as sullivan are being offered. contact cbuts99@hotmail.com on msn
  13. cbuts


    hey simon, im wondering who my other two rookies are, and where i can find their stats. i know of malone, hopecut, leigh
  14. cbuts

    WA Realesed players

    Burns+ bat - 38 od - 30 4d Chougale bat - 18 - 46 Tully bat - 27 - 43 Emeson bat - 45 - 15 Mathur - bowl 33 - 55 Sullivan bowl 27 - 44 Clarke bat 21 - 40 bowl - 49 - 57 will all be shown the door
  15. cbuts


    hey guys, i was wondering if you could tell me who was injured from WA. i had a com crash last week so dont have my old scorecards, i know someone is injured but unsure who
  16. cbuts

    whens this gonna start

    whens this gonna start
  17. cbuts

    go away

    why would you want to play in this, when half the fun of it is the people that play with you. everyone hates you here, it cant be much fun. i would hate to read people writing all of that **** about me. y dont u just save ur face and get lost
  18. cbuts

    is this thing ever gonna happen?

    is this thing ever gonna happen?
  19. cbuts

    flannery = a soft ****

    by now most league fans would of heard of falnnerys unfortunate accident on sunday. a torn testicle. but really wat happened next says everything about australians. he wnet off and lay down in the dressing room. wat a soft ****. in wat was a very tight match, his presence would of helped the...
  20. cbuts

    englands luck could be in

    On the back of a successful Test year, England's one-day team are coming into their own – they routed India in the NatWest Challenge in early September, and brushed aside their opposition in the pool stages of the Champions Trophy - and they may have timed their peak to perfection. But to end...