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Search results

  1. King Pietersen

    *Official* Darts Thread

    Flicked through 7 pages of this section, and couldn't find a Darts thread, so thought I'd make one, given the World Championship starts tonight. Personally love a bit of Darts, probably helped by the fact that my 2nd cousin is former World Number One Peter 'One Dart' Manley, but I genuinely...
  2. King Pietersen

    The MMA/UFC Thread

    Noticed there's a thread for Pro Wrestling, so there needs to be one for a proper sport, Mixed Martial Arts. I'm a huge MMA fan and have been for quite a while, and love nothing more than watching a good fight, so UFC 100 was a really enjoyable event for me. There are my thoughts on UFC 100...
  3. King Pietersen

    England Squad Form

    Seeing as we have a category for the Aussie players' form in the last 12 months, I thought I may as well make one for the English side. So here goes: Leading Batsmen: 1. Kevin Pietersen- 1140 runs at an average of 57.00 with 5 hundreds 2. Andrew Strauss- 1066 runs at an average of 50.46 with 5...