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  1. Noble One

    CWPL 2 - Media Thread

    Cricket Web Premier League - Season Two Preview May 11, 2012 Big picture The new teams and limited retentions from season one adds a certain lottery factor to the outcome of the league. It remains to be seen if the bat will dominate the ball again, and whether the emergence of the likes...
  2. Noble One

    ICC 2005 Super Challenge - Part Duex

    Do it for Lara After the unsuccessful attempt by all challengers to take Bangladesh to the 2007 World Cup Final, the difficulty has been lowered. Can you take charge of the West Indies and bring home the World Cup for Brian Lara at home in the Caribbean? Anyone who owns a copy of ICC2005 is...
  3. Noble One

    Mick Lewis Invitational XI

    Team Name: Mick Lewis Invitational XI Lineup: To be announced (expect mediocrity) Coaching Staff: Coach: Mick Lewis Assistant: Ajit Agarkar Batting Coach: Brett Schultz Bowling Coach: Brad Young
  4. Noble One

    ICC 2005 Super Challenge

    Rise of the Tiger? Remember 18 July 2005? An exciting team from Bangladesh shocked the cricketing world by beating Australia, thanks to an incredible innings from Mohammad Ashraful. Fast-forward nearly six years and Bangladesh have only seen minimal improvement from this point. The...
  5. Noble One

    Strongest First-Class Competition

    Throughout the 1990's and 2000's it was rightfully claimed that the Sheffield Shield was the premier format of First-Class competition. The standard of cricket was high, it was tough to break into a state squad, and many regarded it as the perfect mix of team numbers and games played. In...
  6. Noble One

    Stars From a Young Age

    The sudden rise and dramatic fall of Mohammed Amir all before the age of 20 has invoked my interest in the incredible achievements of some cricketers before they leave their teenage years. My teenage life involved spending hours in front of the Playstation, chasing the opposite *** and drunken...
  7. Noble One

    Zimbabwe's second greatest batsman

    The highlight of watching Zimbabwe during the 1990's and early 2000's was the batting spectacle displayed by Andy Flower. Undoubtedly the finest player to ever represent Zimbabwe and a player just shy of all time great status. Outside of Brian Lara quite possibly the second best player of spin...
  8. Noble One

    Masters of the Slower Delivery

    Given the IPL Twenty20 is currently undeway, now is a good time to ask the posters on CricketWeb the following: Just who is the best bowler of the slower ball in world cricket? Do some bowlers possibly overuse the delivery? Which pace-bowlers lack a good slower delivery? Perhaps you can...
  9. Noble One

    Courtney Walsh - Where does he rank?

    I am interested in hearing the opinions of members on West Indian great Courtney Walsh. A workhorse of a fast-bowler who combined years of longevity with probing accuracy, terrific cutters and sometimes terrifying pace. Was a contributing member of one of the greatest line-up of fast bowlers...