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  1. grecian


    Slightly ambiguous title, yet it's a question about who are your favourite sports people in each sport you follow. I only pose it because I was really struggling to think who mine are, so many have blotted their copy-book, a few I've met and not liked, it really would have been so easy when I...
  2. grecian

    Hate their personality, love their game.

    in the end we live in a world where a lot of sports stars are a bit of a dick, closeted in their own world with sycophants following them at every point, so who are the sports stars that you hate as a person, but love/d doing their thang? This thread almost certainly has nothing to do with my...
  3. grecian

    Rashid Khan appreciation thread

    Oh c'mon it had to happen, the man may be the oldest teenager ever, but he keeps on tweeking the ball like there's no tommrrow., we need to love him more than any member of our close group of friends and family.
  4. grecian


    Okay anyone that reads my off-topic views will know I'm left-wing in everything, I actually love triggering the right-wing snowflakes into calling me an SJW, because I actually happy to align to that term. Yet we are sports fans in general, so in this way we need the meat and gristle of the...
  5. grecian

    Tufnell vs Panesar

    Okay, it had to be asked, whom out of these two greats was the best fielder.
  6. grecian

    Road to the 2017-18 Ashes in Australia

    Because let's face it all other Series are just pointless asides. Vaughan picks a side whilst all English cricket fans sit in stasis, obviously.
  7. grecian

    Fixing Scandal!!!!!

    Telegraph :-O exclamation marks
  8. grecian

    Messi v Cristiano

    Okay the most boring question in sport, & I'm the only one tedious enough to ask it.
  9. grecian

    Worst World Cup winner

    Okay I was doing this exciting quiz on Sporcle (yeah I know how to live on a Saturday night),and looking at some of the names I thought that a few were a bit crap. So who is the worst IYHO. Trying to think there career over all and in the particular World Cup, for instance Veletta was ****e...
  10. grecian

    Contentious decisions, UDRS, Wambulance Thread.

    Surprised there isn't already one of these, but considering the match thread has been taken up by this all day, or much of it, thought I'd start one. Personally no problem with the on-field ump getting a lot of the decision-making, it's the way it's been done for centuries, so I've not a...
  11. grecian

    Champions trophy winners

    Been a little confused, was on another forum, and I did mention we'd won this joke of a comp before, they told me we hadn't. The official wiki page Seems to agree with them, whilst this page would seem to disagree, who's right? does anyone care?
  12. grecian

    Heroes then and Now

    Ok, really bored & hungover so can't be arsed to go out, so I thought I'd start a stupid thread. Now I was thinking about sportsman who you Idolized when you first started getting into sports, and ones nowadays who you probably just tolerate more than the other ****s. Well you do if your as...
  13. grecian

    The Olympics wasn't ****

    Must admit I came into this thing as a grumpy ****, why were we spending all this money, no-one cares about these silly comps. Yet I've been totally bowled over from the incredible opening ceremony, I punched the air when Murray won, I've been thrilled when the poshos pick up gold, I've been...
  14. grecian

    Glasgow Rangers Scots div3 liquidation thread

    Lets all join in the love
  15. grecian

    I don't actually hate Bopara thread

    what it says on the tin, Scaly not welcome. I'm not expecting a lot of posts tbh.
  16. grecian

    Jos Buttler Appreciation thread

    Yay to him, and his west-country ways. The greatest one-day batsman in England's history, deserves his own thread. This thread has in no way been started just to stop his name getting spelt wrong all the ****ing time.
  17. grecian

    New Soccer thread

    What do you love about soccer,socey/football/gayerball. come on feel the love, ejaculate with joy over 4-4-2, squirm with joy over Harry Redknapp, discuss cattenachio, spurt over silva, Flagellate over Falcao, go gaga over Gazza, wet yourself over Waddle. C'mon peeps you know what to do...
  18. grecian

    Steve Davies comes out

    Coming out is such a relief... if it helps other gay sports stars then that would be great' ENGLAND cricket star Steve Davies today reveals he is gay - and declares his pride in becoming the country's first cricketer to come out. The wicket keeper - a member of England's victorious Ashes squad...
  19. grecian

    José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho

    Okay, a man that definitely polarises opinion. Charismatic genius, or narcissistic idjit. Or both perhaps, I though his celebration was a joke tonight, just playing for the cameras IMHO.
  20. grecian

    Fantasy Premier League 2009/10

    Started one: "CW freddie memorial" 81674-63460 Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier League All welcome, except Argyle fans obviously:)