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Search results

  1. Naheed

    Can a country play only ODIs and/or T20Is??

    @Red Hill I have read this article, I really find it very useful to understand international cricket pattern. I hope it has also helped @Francis20520 to find the answer of his question
  2. Naheed

    Draft - your selection must have a batting average close to the previous player's selection

    Yeah, the idea is crazy but it seems like that after incorrect and injustice score for Don Bradman... We need more crazy ideas like these to get back the real value in cricket
  3. Naheed

    Reality of 99.4 Average?

    According to my point of view, Don Bradman was a great and very down to earth player. he has made a remarkable history in the cricket field. if he would be playing with any kind of struggling team. surely he would have got more appreciation than this.
  4. Naheed

    Cricket Simulators

    I find the Cricket coach the most suitable cricket simulator program. Cricket player is good for; The most huge database (as it gives you the option of the huge volume of players) Realistic simulations A wide range of ground sizes and improved UI 2D representations for the day/night matches...
  5. Naheed

    Help with throwing while bowling

    Chucking while bowling is not only a technical error but also an illegal action. It usually happens with young players. A good coach always knows that young players have this issue, most probably. So they can help their students figure out such problems. But in your case, you should not stop...
  6. Naheed

    Still head for wrist spin bowlers

    Obviously, if you are going to throw a ball, you have to take a series of actions that can disrupt your focus. However, until you can't achieve the balance that you desire. Do practice your spin bowling consistently to make yourself expert.
  7. Naheed


    Workout For Fast Bowlers: in order to ensure speed and good performance, Fast bowlers must be extremely fit and they must frequently workout to have resistance and stamina. You could do the following exercise: 1. Strength Training - It will help you make a strong core. it is good to make your...