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    http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/inline/content/image/175548.jpg?alt=1 Either Bob Willis is about 15 feet tall, or "Bernard Thomas" is a midget of some sort...or there's something weird going on here.
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    How would you bowl to x batsman?

    Where 'x' should be a good batsman, generally considered difficult to bowl to. By 'bowl' I mean bowling to get the wicket, not to contain. Any other tactics, field placings and so forth can also be included. Let's start with Pietersen. He's the reason I started this thread, actually. Seeing the...
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    What level of cricket do you play?

    Or did you play? I mean the highest level you've played at. And what level you're at currently. I've played Ye Olde park cricket with a bunch of 11 year old servant's kids, and now they won't let me play because I suck. But I'll be trying for my college team later this year, so hopefully...
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    Leg side bowling

    http://www.hindu.com/2005/04/09/stories/2005040900831900.htm I wonder what people think about this...? Tendulkar's recent bowling raised a few questions for me... a) it's hard to play properly, so how come it's not used more?, and b) surely it can't be that hard to deal with...or can it...