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  1. D

    RIP Scott Mason 1976 - 2005

    Couldn't find this on the site so... Tasmanian first-class cricketer Scott Mason died on Saturday (9th April) after suffering a major heart attack while batting in the nets in Hobart. Mason, 28, who had suffered aorta damage early in 2004 after a viral infection and underwent surgery to repair...
  2. D

    Aussie team picked - no MacGill

    Stuart MacGill is the shock omission from the Australian team to tour Zimbabwe - he's made himself unavailable due to moral concerns over the tour. In just as big a shock, Victorian skipper Cameron White replaces him. Glenn McGrath has returned to the squad, replacing rookie Shaun Tait. Andrew...
  3. D

    If the Vics are smart...

    ...they'll bowl first v Tasmania and declare one run behind the Tigers, thus ensuring they'll play Tassie in the final... BTW, let's hope Adrian Tucker gets a run in the final NSW game this year, from recent memory the longest stretch without playing a FC game in Australia was another spinner...
  4. D

    Is McGrath finished?

    Glenn McGrath has all but been ruled out of the Sri Lankan Test series - have we seen the last of McGrath in Test cricket? Have we seen the last of him in all cricket? Will he retire before the end of the year?
  5. D

    Happy birthday Brad Hogg!

    What's your gift? To be 12th man for Australia today :D
  6. D

    ICC 2001 for sale - Oz only

    I'm selling my copy of ICC 2001 Ashes Edition - all you get is the CD, since I never got a copy of the network code. Manual comes on the CD. $7 including postage. If interested, drop me an email since I don't check the boards at all.
  7. D

    Vics drop Fleming & Miller

    I'm pretty sure that both Damien Fleming and Colin Miller's omissions from the new Victorian squad have far more to do with political matters rather than any lack of form or ability. Miller it seems has offended key members of the selection panel, while Fleming may well be told that his services...
  8. D

    Best All Time Test XII

    Just because I like to stir up controversy... :) I'd like to hear what everyone thinks is their best all-time Test XII. Any player from any country who has played Test cricket can be named in your XII. You don't have to make assumptions about the pitch, location, weather, etc. For starters...
  9. D

    Why Campbell replaced Gilchrist

    Many people would not have thought of Ryan Campbell as the obvious choice to replace Adam Gilchrist, on leave from the Australian one-day team due to personal reasons. But consider the alternatives: * Wade Seccombe (Qld) - is more suited to four day matches. Swings the bat alright, but isn't a...
  10. D

    Two spinners for the Aussies in Adelaide?

    Well the question's been raised by more influential judges than I, and I seriously doubt that the selectors will change the squad...but if a second spinner is chosen, who will it be? I doubt that it will be Miller (Vic) or MacGill (NSW) as they are both out of form, Hauritz (Qld) is too young...
  11. D

    Sunglasses as won by Aus spinners

    Stuart MacGill, Brad Young, Colin Miller....need I say more :)
  12. D

    Australian XII for the 1st Test

    Well it's been named - any comments? I'll start the ball rolling...one bloke who should have been named is Jamie Cox. Why the selectors are sticking with Langer is beyond me. Let's hear from you guys...
  13. D

    Tossing the "coin"

    Usually at a BBQ or other gathering, flipping the bat will suffice to see who bats first (rooftops or flats) :)
  14. D

    Updating domestic scores/tables

    I suppose this is more directed at James... Would it be possible to set up a script (PHP or CGI or similar) so that we can enter the scores of each match more easily? This could mean that the domestic tables can be updated using the script, cutting down the amount of time taken to do this...