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    *Official* Fourth Test at the MCG

    With Aus picking the same squad for Melbourne I think that Beer will be left out again. You couldn't pick him over Siddle. That said Smith is not good enough to be the solo spinner so I think it will be disasterous. The selectors should have swallowed their pride and picked Hauritz or even...
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    Too old to start playing competitive cricket?

    I had to quit at 15 when I got a weekend job. A mate from work was playing for a local club side and asked if I wanted to join so I got back in at 26. We weren't playing for sheep stations but it was competitive enough. Got my one and only hundred at 27 and played until I was 30. Kids came...
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    Where would you bat Ponting ?

    Ponting will stay at 3 as long as he is captain. When he loses that job (assuming he hasn't retired) then the new skipper may ask him to bat lower down. In the long run I think Watson would make a good 3. Two of Katich, Hughes and Marsh would open. Hussey will make way for either Ferguson or...
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    *Official* Third Test at the WACA

    The selectors have seriously lost the plot. Beer will be in the team and that is a joke. Doherty was a questionable choice and this is worse. If they are so desperate to have a left arm orthodox spinner why not O'Keefe. To compound matters they obviously don't rate him they pick Smith to bat...
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    *Official* Third Test at the WACA

    It's hard to know how the selectors will go. They had a mixed run of late. Keeping Hussey was a masterstroke but picking Doherty should give hope to every Australian that they too could play for Australia. If Johnson's action has improved intraining this week then he must come in for...
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    Was Healy the last great wicket keeper ?

    Did you see him last night in the 20-20. He was very sloppy. He may get as good as Gilly but not Healy.
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    12th man player names

    Begrade Akhtar
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    Who will get through to the Semis?

    I think the final order will be Australia New Zealand South Africa Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is the most in danger of missing out but only if they lose against England. If they do then England has a great chance of qualifying. You can write off teh West Indies, Bangladesh and Ireland.
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    *Official* Australia in decline thread

    The reason why Watson's ODI average is so low is that they have tried him mainly batting at 7. He has to score quick runs at the end and more often than not score a quick 20 and gets out going for the big one. The same could be said about Symonds years ago. They need to bump him up the order...
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    Shane Warne's Celebrity Twenty20 game

    He had the longest run up for a guy bowling 80kph thunderbolts. He took one wicket and one catch. His three ball duck was a highlight.
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    Shane Warne's Celebrity Twenty20 game

    Both teams scored 177 as the umpires (Mark Taylor adn Ian Healy) contrived a no ball that tied the scores. It was all a bit ridiculous. Taylor and Healy in particular were terrible. I can't believe that Andrew Gaze was the pick of the bowlers with 3/12. He was hopeless. Of the...
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    *Official* Australia in decline thread

    The Aussies will go through a small trough as they get used to life without McGrath and Warne. There are a lot of guys who look good but will need time to show that they can play at the higher level. McGrath looked very ordinary early in his test career but given time never looked back...
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    ODI rule changes

    The ball is always changed. Maybe the bowling side gets another new ball after 25 overs. This would give the bowlers more advantage. They've lost heaps with flat pitches and bat technology.
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    ODI rule changes

    I don't think there's too much wrong. There is that lull period in the game from 20-40 overs that needs to be looked at. Whether the fielding restrictions could be changed like the Asutralian state OD tournament. 2 outside the circle from 1-15, 3 from 16-30 and 5 from 31-50. Try to encourage...
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    English one day cricket

    All good points above. I could never understand why 40 and 45 over matches were popular with administrators. Surely a longer game means that people will buy more food and drink which is the way the grounds make most of their money in Australia.
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    Ab V Kp

    It was more important for Pietersen to be fit for the WC. It doesn't matter how bad the injury was. It also opened up a spot for someone to put their hand up and get into the WC squad. Too bad no one did. Unfortunately England's hopes will rely on too few getting it right on the day. This...
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    First Chance Average?

    OK, done. It comes to 30.3. You'll need to do better than a list of numbers. Who is the player so I can compare. If you have spent so much time with this theory surely you would have a summary of a number of players that you have analysed to prove your point. I would have thought the luck y...
  18. T

    First Chance Average?

    Your response to my post only looks at one of my comments. I have asked on numerous occasions over the years for you to back up any claims with numbers. As yet I have seen no numbers and therefore refuse to take the theory seriously until you can supply these.
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    First Chance Average?

    Back on the forum after about a year away and this concept is still being argued. It feels like I've never been gone. It is highly subjective as Marc and others have stated. Until someone publishes some data to show me the comparison I refuse to take idea seriously. Richard lists a number...
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    Has anyone actually got tickets yet?!?!

    I was able to get a 5 day pass for the Gabba test. It took me 4 hours. The seats are not great but at least I'll be there.