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  1. D

    Hogg announces his retirement

    Everyone knows that stats are not always a good barometer of a player's successes, but it's interesting to note that since his "comeback" in 2002, Hogg has taken more wickets than all bar 3 other ODI bowlers. Sure it's not exactly tough given the number of ODI's played these days and how often...
  2. D

    Hogg announces his retirement

    For someone who started his career as a middle-order batsman nearly 15 years ago, Hogg has certainly done very well for himself. Not the most naturally gifted of players, but someone who gave everything whenever the chance came his way, be it with bat or ball. I doubt there are many who could...
  3. D

    Brad Hogg

    Full marks to GBH on his 79 In other news, Hogg scores half century, celebrates by scratching crotch. News at 11. :laugh:
  4. D

    Damien Martyn Retires !!!

    It was meant to. If the glass house gets too hot, then the plants start to die. Eventually, people pay less attention to it, maintenance drops, thus leading to broken glass... But true, I had written myself into a corner on that one... :laugh: Martyn is a far more sensitive character than the...
  5. D

    Damien Martyn Retires !!!

    <delurk> So Marto's hanging up the boots, huh? This isn't a great surprise; not because he's out of form, or because he's giving way to a superior player, but because of his character. Excellent article in the Australian today describes Martyn's rise, fall and re-rise into the Australian team...
  6. D

    Australia's 25 Contracted Players - Announced Shortly

    Judging by some people's comments on this forum, you would think that they had 8-)
  7. D

    Australia's 25 Contracted Players - Announced Shortly

    Sorry, I meant Chris Hartley from Qld. Blonde moment... :blink:
  8. D

    Australia's 25 Contracted Players - Announced Shortly

    Cosgrove will be told to lose some more weight and get himself right for possible WC selection. White is a complete hack, has been overrated since day one. Typical of Victoria's complete obsession with replacing a once in a generation spinner. Lewis is being punished for one poor game where no...
  9. D

    Cricket Coach Thread

    WHERE'S THE DATA EDITOR??????????????????????? Yet another example of a game being released without a way to fix data errors!!!!!!! :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
  10. D

    ***Official Australia in South Africa***

    Wow. What a game. Great batting and lousy bowling by both teams. Only one question remains: is this the start of games where 400+ is the norm, and the bowlers are treated like automatons? Because if it is, I'm done with cricket. Why not just set up a bowling machine and tell the guy feeding the...
  11. D

    ***Official Australia in South Africa***

    Great effort by Ponting et al to ratchet up 434. Bowling was obviously missing Pollock and Peterson/Boje; still, South Africa could have had McGrath and Warne and not done much better...
  12. D

    Slater Officially Joins Channel Nine

    If he commentates like he writes, he'll put half the audience to sleep, and confuse the other half with his turn of phrase... :D
  13. D

    ***Official*** Super Series

    Damien Martyn has been dropped from the Test squad, replaced by Brad Hodge. Martyn remains in the ODI squad. Test squad: Clarke, Gilchrist, Hayden, Hodge, Katich, Langer, Lee, MacGill, McGrath, Ponting, Tait, Warne, Watson. One-day squad: Bracken, Clarke, Gilchrist, Hogg, Hopes, Hussey...
  14. D

    The Age Debate !!

    When you turn the game into one where the batsmen are allowed, nay, MANDATED, to dominate and score runs at a record rate, what do you expect?
  15. D

    Why Australia have lost the Ashes

    Who was Australia's leading run-scorer in the Ashes? Who was Australia's leading wicket-taker in the Ashes? Now: of the thirteen players who represented Australia in the Test series, and discounting Shaun Tait, which two players were NOT in the one-day squad? Clue to selectors: no matter how...
  16. D

    Icc 2005!

    Oh great. Another shiny new veneer placed on top of the same old game, with a fresh new database and flashy gimmicks that mask the real shortcomings. Hopefully some other software house who is actually interested in spending a little bit of time and money develops a far superior game to the ICC...
  17. D

    Elliot wants to be Redback

    Elliott wants to leave Victoria? Best news I've heard all day! :D Elliott is the absolute epitomie of what is wrong with Victorian cricket. One of the few Victorians who I would refuse to give the time of day to. The Vics are best off getting rid of the deadwood and starting afresh with...
  18. D

    RIP Scott Mason 1976 - 2005

    Couldn't find this on the site so... Tasmanian first-class cricketer Scott Mason died on Saturday (9th April) after suffering a major heart attack while batting in the nets in Hobart. Mason, 28, who had suffered aorta damage early in 2004 after a viral infection and underwent surgery to repair...
  19. D

    ACC Database Question

    Zen, I looked into this at some point in the distant past, I managed to get it running on XP, but it was almost certainly because I had installed XP on top of Windows 98. We never could work out why though.
  20. D

    ACC Database Question

    Oops :shy: yes you are correct Andre, you did help out with the database side of things, and if it wasn't for your initial query about it then I never would have even looked into it. I was more referring to the actual programming side of things. As I recall, you did get a thanks in the editor's...