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Search results

  1. Jack88

    Tendulkar becomes ODI top scorer!!!

    Eh, you can't in logical really compare him to Bradmen, it's two different eras, both are GOATs, you don't rank people from eras apart by THAT much. I mean can you compare Jesse Owens to Usain Bolt if you simply using their PB's? But yeah, Sachin, brilliant, the absolute master, no doubt, keep...
  2. Jack88

    *Official* England Squad Thread

    I don't want Milner to go, I hardly rate him. But he's filled in at right back for England already, Brazil I think it was. And has played like everywhere in his club career. Lennon is the only winger who is going purely as a winger, Cole/Gerrard can cover centre midfield and behind the striker...
  3. Jack88

    *Official* England Squad Thread

    Milner will be going to world cup as he can play like 20 positions. Beckham isn't going as a winger or CM, he's going as the guy who'll come in the 70th, roam about, ping a few passes and do some set pieces. It's either Milner or Young, and well Young doesn't offer the versatility of being able...
  4. Jack88

    *Official* England in South Africa

    Goddamnit rain. KP 2nd innings double century saviour innings FTW!
  5. Jack88

    *Official* England Squad Thread

    Jagielka was outstanding for the most part up till his injury last season, right behind Vidic as the overall best CB of the season really. Pocketed pretty much everyone for a good two months as well(correct me here but I'm sure he also become a very rare defensive player of the month as well)...
  6. Jack88

    *Official* England in South Africa

    Obvious meltdown #378374823. Shocking decision on the no-ball clearly though, but our bowlers better match theirs and be on fire.
  7. Jack88

    *Official* England Squad Thread

    This is not MY team, but the general idea I believe Fabio has in his head right now excusing future injuries and stuff. James, Hart, Green (Foster might be his boy, but yeah he's not jumping through hoops over him and Hart has performed seriously well, Foster is out) Cole, Rio, Terry, Johnson...
  8. Jack88

    *Official* Pakistan in Australia

    That would of been a terrific way to get a century, unlucky though.
  9. Jack88

    Player of the Decade - Ponting

    Well looks like he's about the celebrate this with a nice century. Top player, could of been of the 3/4 and I don't think anyone would have any argument.
  10. Jack88

    International Cricket Captain General Thread of Miscellany

    The other guys posted Phil Hughes after 60 odd tests....heres him after 170... Absolutely stupidly ridiculously godly. That 580 took like 3 days, but I did just to see if they would actually get him, because the amount of times I've declared with him in the 300's and 400's is stupid....and I...
  11. Jack88

    *Official* Fourth Test at Headingley

    At least the crowd are getting a bit for their dollar, fair play to these two, just having a bit of fun and getting some luck, and now the crowd's massively in it. Can't believe it's already down to like 120 behind already, cracking, I would love it if they get them to bat again, if only for...
  12. Jack88

    Tour de France 2009

    Damn straight! That drive by Contador was godly though, he is a beast, this Armstrong/Contador battle would be great if Lance was 4/5 years younger.
  13. Jack88

    *Archived* Whatever you like....

    It's insane how good Hughes is on this.....after 60 innings for both tests and ODI he's averaging over 70 in both, 4000+ and 3000+....and his first class career is better(85+). I think I've hit like 8 150*+ in ODI's with him as well, crazy.
  14. Jack88

    *Official* Second Test at Lords

    Good shift from Cook, seems to get stuck in last 80-90's fairly often though, but still a damn fine player. I hope we don't end up with no 100's again.
  15. Jack88

    Sidebottom Info.

    Hoggard looked crazy on that Ashes 2005 special they had on, crazy hair.....that adds nothing to anything, but yeah I thought that hair was a bit wild....could of at least combed it. -_- I'd bring Onions & Harmiso in, form just doesn't come flying back to you, so you can't expect Sidebottom to...
  16. Jack88

    *Official* Second Test at Lords

    As much I love Harmy, the guy shouldn't be given all the chances in the world. Let Broad have another crack, with Onions in for Panesar, if he fails again then Harmison has his FINAL chance, if he doesn't take it, that has to be it for him. Other than Onions, I don't expect any other changes...
  17. Jack88

    Should Brett Lee be selected for the Ashes?

    Obviously he should be thrown in for Johnson, but Johnson is one of the golden boys for the new era so he won't get dropped unless he bombs massively. Lee is not as good batting wise, but is the batting of Johnson really going to prove to be essential in the series considering how bad England's...
  18. Jack88

    International Cricket Captain 2009 - News & Screenshots

    Well glitchey......Pietersen in the space of ONE TEST went from very aggressive to very defensive for no reason whatsoever, his strike rate in my first year was 66. in the second year it's down to 31. That's crazy, even worse when the ODI team is built on him. Some weird players are way too...
  19. Jack88

    *Official* First Test at Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

    Vintage England meltdown. Love it.