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  1. D

    Cricket Highlights!

    Hey guys, any one know where I can watch today's England South Africa highlighs online!? Is it at all possible? Even if it's just the wickets...
  2. D

    New Series to Snub Ashes

    Okay, so is everyone who is not pro English or Australian sick of the Ashes build up already? Why not promote new series like: An on going series (once every 18 months / 2 years) between India and Pakistan called the "Memorial Series" in honour of all those killed in fighting between the two...
  3. D

    England hypocryts

    Why is it that because England are really struggleing with ODI cricket at the moment that "One Day Cricket is not as important as Tests", one can't help thinking if England were #2 in the ODI rankings, and #8 in tests, suddenly it would be the other way round...
  4. D

    Players Speak Out!

    I was so impressed to hear a couple of the South African players speak out openly in a recent interview on 94.7. Kallis made some EXCELLENT points: 1) why is all the time wasted on refering to the third umpire on whether or not the ball has gone for four or two, when deciding on a contreversial...
  5. D

    Whatsup with the Windies / England!?

    Okay, so I read my earlier Post (Attention All South Africans), and the question was posed "why isn't England playing good one day cricket?". Sure, they have a wonderful line up, I'm a massive Strauss fan (even though he avereges close to hundred against my team), good strikers in Petersien and...
  6. D

    Attention All South Africans!!

    This website is indeed a great idea, the thought behind it is also commendable. Unfortunatly the people behind it and most of the people who subscribe to it think that cricket belongs to them, and them alone. Why is'nt South Africa getting ANY credit for bowling Australia out for 96 in Cape...
  7. D

    Watch Lance for 2007 World Cup

    Wow... Lance Klusner still has it. Man of the series 1999, blasted 39 off 17 balls in a SA provincial match between the Dolphins and Worriers. The Dolphins required 48 off 31 balls with three wickets remaining... Lance came in and hit 5 massive sixes. He still has it and the great Allan Donald...
  8. D

    India Plays hard Ball with South Africa,,,

    India makes me so furious. The match fixing scandal was laid to rest five years ago… Why must Indian authorities dictate who South Africa can and cannot send to that country, especially seeing as though both Boje and Gibbs were cleared by the King Commission (which had the backing of the ICC and...
  9. D

    Is everyone forgetting South Africa's track record!?

    South Africa have now won 15 ODIs in a row... 6 games behind Australia's 21 consecutive wins and counting! we are on our way back to the top!
  10. D

    Is It Okay If I gloat!?

    KEMP KEMP KEMP KEMP KEMP KEMP As A South African suppourter, I had lost all hope in Pollock's batting. By th 30th over I had given up hope- Never again shall I underestimate Pollock! Three Cheers for justin Kemp!
  11. D

    South Africa v New Zealand: The Best Series since we whipped the Aussies in 2000!

    What's up. I'm sitting in a boiling hot Johannesburg, and just a few hours away from leaving for the Wanderers. Players I will be watching as SA kicks off their international season: Shane Bond, Stephen Flemming and the Marshall Twins. Players they should watch: Smith, Dippenaar, Kallis...
  12. D

    "Langerveld, and SA fans (All the billions of you!) this one's for you"

    Ehup, Interesting to hear your thoughs about the Titans, I fullt agree with you, the Titains will walk the title this year, but watch out for the Egales and Dolphins.... Pity I can't get too enthusiastic about my local team, The Lions, but, hey, you never know! I know what a big Donald fan...
  13. D

    20:20 club champs absolute rubbish

    Since when can a cricket match be decided on how many times you hit the wickets out of eleven!? Did you notice how the team congradulated each other even when they missed the stumps in the bowlout!? I understand that they needed to produce a result, but surely batsmen skills should come into...
  14. D

    Kallis XI v. South Africa XI

    Wasn't last night's benifit match great!? To see Soutrh African cricket giants like Klusner, Kirsten, Rhodes, and Donald back in action was amazing! It was as if they never left the game! For those of you who missed the international action, you can visit www.ucb.co.za for all the details...
  15. D

    Best Of The Ashes

    Best Delivery: Shane Warne, LBW- Marcus Trescothick, Oval Best Fielder: Paul Collingwood Best Catch: Andrew Strauss Best Moment: ?? Tough... Michael Kasporvitch caught by Jones to win the Second Test?? Best Umpire: Rudi Koetzern Best Team: South Africa Best Run Out: Ricky Pointing's by the Subs...
  16. D

    Well Done England

    In all fairness, I have to say well done England. They were the better team, and even though I was suppourting the Aussies for the first time in my life, I was impressed by England! I belive Australian cricket has been delt a huge blow, but I have no doubt in my mind that after South Africa...
  17. D

    Hello Planet Earth

    Hello World, I'm here in Johannesburg South Africa and loving all the cricket around the world... Just interested to find out, what are your thoughts on Zimbabwe and Bangladesh playing test cricket... Important records are being broken (eg: Jaques Kallis' fastest fifty in test history, Cape...
  18. D

    England is the World Eleven- No Wonder They Are Winning... POMS, Tune In!

    Okay, so Take away Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pieterson, Geriant and Simon Jones, and what are you left with? An English Cricket Team. Kevin Pieterson uses all of our Academy money here in South Africa, and moves the first oppertunity he gets. (Maybe our coaches should have taught him to catch...
  19. D

    England is the World Eleven- No Wonder They Are Winning! Poms: Tune In...

    Okay so take away Struass, Pieterson, Jones and Jones, and what are you left with!? An English Cricket team. Kevin Pieterson uses all our money here in South Africa, and takes the first oppertunity he gets to move... And don't give me all that rubbish about South African Reprisentation and...
  20. D

    Watch This Space!

    Okay, so the Ashes set to come down to a close final. My prediction is this: If Simon Jones plays at the Oval, England will win. If Glen Mc Grath plays and Jones doesn't, Australia will win. If both the bowlers play, I think Australia are too good a team to fail consistantly with the bat, and if...