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Search results

  1. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the week 2nd - 8th April

    You know the drill folks, so get voting
  2. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the Week 26th March - 1st April

    A fair bit of competition this week.
  3. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the week 19th-25th March

    Cast your votes, and this time, no **** ups I promise.
  4. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the week 12-18th March

    5 choices from the world of world cup, see what you reckonw as the innigs of the week
  5. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the Week 19th-25th

    Just your four options this week dudes, and I know its going to come down to just two, but take your pick anyway I apologize, I have not made it public.
  6. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the Week 12th-18th Feb

    This week, there is a little more competition. Vote for what you thought was the innings of the week
  7. Tomm NCCC

    The Twenty20 Is Great Thread

    And if anyone thinks otherwise, why on earth do you waste your time talking about how shi... crappy it is, eh? I dont talk about AIDS all the time, so maybe you should just be quiet now youve made your point, instead of bitching in every thread. yeah? So, who else thinks twenty20 is a great thing?
  8. Tomm NCCC

    Your next game of BC?

    Just wondering if anyone plans ahead. Ive ahd plans for a week now to get a game going, were finally gonna have one tommorow
  9. Tomm NCCC

    Potential Shocks - Who will cause the Biggest Upset?

    Ok, lets thrash it out here and now, which fixtures are the most likely to bring about a shock result?
  10. Tomm NCCC

    Innings of the Week - 4th-11th Feb

    Here goes, just vote for what you feel was teh innigs of the week. A few hundreds, and a couple of vital half centuries, but I have a feeling I know where this ones going. Ive based it on the following . How the innings affected the result . The percentage of the team total . The pace of the...
  11. Tomm NCCC

    My Maiden 50!

    Yes! After 8 fruitless years of searching, I finally hit my maiden half-century. 62 To be precise. An innings which was predominantly leg-side against some fierce bowling. I hit a six, coming off a beautiful straight drive which goes down as one of the best shots I have ever played. Took a quick...
  12. Tomm NCCC

    The Best Young Bowlers in the World

    Ok then, We've had the batsmen, now its the bowlers tunr. Whoa re amongst the best young bowlers in the world. Counting young as 25<
  13. Tomm NCCC

    Ever invented a shot?

    Not sure if it belongs in backyard cricket, but Im curios - Have you ever invented a shot? I have, the blade cut. Basically, instead of cutting the ball with the midle of the bat, My bat managed to rotate 90 degrees and it flew of the blade, beat the man at point, and went for four. Fwlt really...
  14. Tomm NCCC

    Cricket Of 2006

    Another review of the year thread. But with a crickety theme Best team (Of 2006) Outstanding Player Best Bowler Best Batsman Best All-round performer Game of 2006 (Test and ODI) Best newcomer Best Oldie The Ball of 2006 The Shot of 2006 Funniest moment Biggest suprise Best Umpire Worst decision...
  15. Tomm NCCC

    Living Room Cricket

    Yes, I have done it. What you do, you get a ping-pong ball, use your remote as a bat, and a big cushion for wickets. To score runs: 1 - A mad dash to one end of the living room to the other without being runout 2 - if the ball hits one of the near walls, but has bounced first 4 - if the ball...
  16. Tomm NCCC

    The Official Public Enquiry

    How did this happen, why did this happen, and exactly what happened? Add to the points if you feel... 1) Be Prepared? Doubt it. This will be thrown up time and time again, but just two 3 day games and a one day game was considered suitable preperation. It seemed dodgy at the time, and now is...
  17. Tomm NCCC

    From an English Fan....

    I will say well done Australia. You were sublime, we were awful and its been like that all series. You played great cricket and took advantage of a depleted England side. Well done. ..... But juts wait for 2009, we will have your asses on a plate :laugh:
  18. Tomm NCCC

    Cricket Quotes

    Sledges, funny interviews, and general foot-in-mouth cases. Tell us some funny cricketing related quotes you have heard
  19. Tomm NCCC

    How are you doing on Cricket 07?

    Who are you? What season are you in? and all that jazz Im England in the Ashes, and Ive finally got Samit Patel in an England shirt. Won the first test at brisbane by 3 wickets, but struggling in Adelaide
  20. Tomm NCCC

    Your Favourite Moment Playing Sport

    I remember mine, and own goal from 20 yards :laugh: Couldnt play for the rest of the night, evberyone was in stitches