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    ***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal

    I am in agreement.
  2. I

    Pak Players ignored by IPL - this is how democracy works

    truly ******** thread.
  3. I

    O'Brien to retire after Pakistan series

    this is just not fair. and how can someone who puts in so much effort chuck it all up like this? the least he could do was hang on for a year or two more. it's not like 35-36 is too old to start a family, is it? christ. I'm seriously depressed about this, and not in a funny way.
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    *Official* Tennis Thread

    Agreed with all of that. As you've said, it's amazing that anyone could think that Agassi didn't do this sort of stuff given how he used to be. Harsha Bhogle has come up with a pretty hysterical and ill-informed sounding column about this. ( Pardoning Agassi will allow other players to cross the...
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    Tour de France 2009

    A general cycling question : can someone educate me as to why the hour record* (currently 49.7 kms according to wikipedia) is such a big deal, when individual time trials are being done at a comparable speed, over a comparable distance? For instance, Contador completed the 40.5 km stage 18 time...
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    New Cricinfo Design

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    Not With a Bang...

    Inzi's was the most disappointing I can remember... painful, really. Remember hoping he'd go out with a bang and aaagh, stumped off Harris, horrible. His last two ODI knocks in England were brilliant though, I think it was two 40s or something, but just absolutely masterful stuff. I really...
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    ***Official*** West Indies in England

    Broad hit the ball twice that time (the caught and bowled chance) - isn't that out? ie. they could appeal for it, right?
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    Shootout in Lahore

    If I remember correctly, the other ump, Steve Davis (right?) said that they (the umpires/match officials) were abandoned by the security forces once the shooting started - that they ran to some other location (either to the SL bus, or somewhere else, or just ran away). I think if you look at...
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    Tennis Commentary and why it stinks

    I liked Mats Wilander's commentary stint at the US open last year. Navratilova too is pretty interesting. Neither of them bother with the usual descriptive commentary stuff.
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    *Official* Tennis Thread

    Also helps that Federer is too stubborn/stupid to play the sliced backhand to the high ball, it's pretty much the only reasonable shot. ... But on the other hand, on a broader level, I think Federer has to do away with reasonableness now, he has to just go for his shots, take chances and forget...
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    *Official* Tennis Thread

    Federer's lucky that in Murray, Djokovic and Tsonga he has a few people he can rely on to knock Nadal out every now and then. He can't do it himself, at least not now. Too much of a bogeyman. Nadal - jeesus. What an athlete. I've always despised him but now I just can't hold back the...
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    Build-up to Indian Domestic Season 2008-09

    A bit lucky, I thought, but yeah decent nonetheless. Surprised Karthik's knocks haven't got more attention.
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    Kumar Dharmasena- The umpire

    Bet he just wants to no-ball Murali.
  15. I

    Johan Botha's action

    Tait's action is awesome. Total enraged-caveman-hurling-rocks stuff.
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    ICC's top 20 all-time list

    Have to agree with G(eraint)I(smyhe)Joe about the title, they could have just called it "Highest Career Peaks" or at least said so when being grilled by the Indian media.In itself the title is fairly easy to misinterpret. And everybody on Earth should know by now that roughly 100% of the...
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    "Cricket turning into baseball - say it ain't so"

    I'm all for adventurous/suicidal/whatever batting, but first put the boundaries back to where they were, fix the pitches, and impose stipulations on the bats - how much they have to be rolled etc. These ultra-bouncy* bats used these days are absolutely ridiculous. *the bounce being that of the...
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    ***Official*** South Africa in England

    haha, funny stuff from Atherton: "Who have I got? Who do you think I've got!"
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    *Official* 2008 Tour de France Thread

    SASSSSSSSSSTRE! Yes! Bloody excellent stuff on the Alpe de Huez (or whatever), glad he managed to pull this off. Spain are having a pretty good year sports-wise, seems like.
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    *Official* CW English Meet-Up

    Well I'm out, can't make it to Inkland. But if there's anything planned in Yurop I'm up for that.