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Search results

  1. age_master

    Australian Sport 10 years ago...

    After possibly the worst weekend ever in Australian sport I was reminiscing this morning about 10 years ago when we were on top of the world. There were 2 of the great sporting moments against South Africa in the cricket and rugby world cup semi finals. Stephen Larkham's 50m drop goal secured...
  2. age_master

    Girls playing with boys?

    Ian Healy's niece has been picked in the Barker College 1st XI, she is the first girl to be picked to play in a major private girls 1st's in NSW. Some old boy from Barker has stirred up abit of controversy by saying that she should not have even been allowed to try out for the boys team. Here...
  3. age_master

    Should Australian and English umpires be allowed to umpire the Ashes?

    Personally i would be quite happy to have Taufel and Benson umpiring the games.
  4. age_master

    CWXI Selection Panel

    As the new board member has been decided upon thoughts are moved towards the structure of the selection panel I want to see what everyones thoughts are on this. At the moment the thinking is towards: Captain Both CWBCC chairmen Coach PA Rep What do people think?
  5. age_master

    Nearly 400 injured in clash over umpiring

    Bangladesh cricket Nearly 400 injured in clash over umpiring Cricinfo staff December 3, 2005 Nearly 400 have been injured in a village in Bangladesh in a series of clashes over controversial umpiring decisions in a cricket match between two rural teams. At least one man is reported to have...
  6. age_master

    Mark Nicholas Dumped

    Mark Nicholas has apparently been dumped by Ch 9 owing to an overfilled commentary box bout time :D:D:D
  7. age_master

    Colts Manager Resigns

    In a shock move Colts Manager Age Master resigns effective immediatley. He stated that he felt the club needed new management, particularly someone who can put time into the side. Growing commitments at his other job, and in the CWXI dev league were sighted as the major reasons. "I would...
  8. age_master

    Substitute fielders in tests

    England have clearly been pushing the boundaries abit bringing in specialist fielders and rotating their fast bowlers through 'toilet breaks' its about time the umpires clamped down on this before it starts getting worse or more widespread for mine.
  9. age_master

    Kafelnikov to make European golfing debut

    Kafelnikov to make European golfing debut 10:40 AM August 9 Former world number one tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov will make his golf debut on the European Tour this week at the Russian Open. Kafelnikov received a wild card entry into the tournament which begins at the Moscow Country Club on...
  10. age_master

    No Balls!

    i really dont understand how bowlers can bowl so many of them, Flintoff, Lee and Kaspa are 3 notable exponents of them. i dont understand why bowlers have to bowl with their front foot so close to a no ball at all really, why not bowl with your whole foot behind the line, 20cm cant make that...
  11. age_master

    Woodbridge calls it quits

    Woodbridge calls it quits 7:22 AM June 30 Todd Woodbridge dealt Australia's Davis Cup planning a major blow overnight when he announced he was retiring after Wimbledon. The 34-year-old said he took his decision after failing to win a 10th men's doubles title following he and partner Mahesh...
  12. age_master

    Fielding in close?

  13. age_master

    Foxtel to show womens final free :D

    Women's World Cup Foxtel to telecast World Cup final live Cricinfo staff April 8, 2005 Cricket fans in Australia will get a chance to watch the Women's World Cup final in South Africa after television network Foxtel today secured the rights to show the game live from SuperSport Park in...
  14. age_master

    Will it happen!

    Can Glenn McGrath crack 500 test wickets in the next match, he requires only 8 more....
  15. age_master

    Indoor in sydney?

    im thinking about playing some indoor cricket this winter, now i know it exists but i have no idea where. do any sydneysiders know anything about Indoor, what competitions there are and where i would love to hear about it.
  16. age_master

    4d stats

    Can someone please email me my teams 4d stats as they arn't updated on the web site.
  17. age_master

    Longest Cricket Marathon

    Cricketers test tenacity in effort to bowl over record 10:33 AM January 26 A group of cricketers from Dubbo, in central western NSW, has played through the night in an attempt to break the current world record for the longest cricket marathon. The record is currently held by a French club...
  18. age_master

    WI of the 80's or Australia Current?

    went through the stats quickly, the first thing you notice is the clear difference, WI clearly better with the ball and Australia clearly with the bat. Viv Richards was the only Wi batsman to average over 50 which surprised me. while AUstralia has Hayden, Ponting, S Waugh, Clarke and Gilly -...
  19. age_master

    Is it just me....

    is it just me or alot of threads having to be closed at the moment?
  20. age_master

    Most Under rated Aussie player

    This year has been a real change in the aussie team with Langer and Martyn performing the best of the batsman rather than a ponting, or hayden (though hayden did crack another 1000 year) but who do people think is the most under rated player in the international side at the moment.