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Search results

  1. ganeshran

    Will Australia whitewash England?

    Is 5-0 on the cards?
  2. ganeshran

    Anderson: Vaughan wasn't as good an England captain..

    ...as others made out and I never felt at ease playing under him Full article at James Anderson: Vaughan wasn't as good an England captain as others made out and I never felt at ease playing under him | Mail Online
  3. ganeshran

    Suggestion: Showing change of points after each update

    Is it possible to show how many points each team has moved up or down after the match or when the points are updated. Currently the movement in ranks is shown but it will be nice to have points as well
  4. ganeshran

    Did everyone lose Avatar bets to benchy?

  5. ganeshran

    Is Tharanga the new Phil Hughes?

    seems to get caught behind and in the slips a lot
  6. ganeshran

    Ajmal claims special concession to 15 degree rule allowed by ICC

    Pakistan v England 2011-12: Saeed Ajmal comment sparks action confusion | Cricket News | Global | ESPN Cricinfo Is there a provision for such relaxation in in the rule book?
  7. ganeshran

    England vs Australia. Better team in the subcontinent/UAE?

    England's overall record in tests has been better for last 3-4 years and they have proven performers in the side. Australia have won a series in Lanka recently and their young bowling attack is clicking quite well. The absence of a quality spinner does hurt them though Which team has the...
  8. ganeshran

    Has Samaraveera gotten rid of the FTB tag?

    Averaged 50 last time around in England. Has played well in SA this time. Still has a poor record in Australia and India though. Does he need to do more to get rid of the FTB tag? ( assuming you considered him a FTB before the England series in 2011)
  9. ganeshran

    Swing in Duke balls?

    Is it true that the Duke cricket balls swing considerably more compared to ones made by other manufacturers? If so what is the reason behind it- The texture of the leather, maybe?
  10. ganeshran

    Suggestion: Adding spoiler tags

    Hi, I was looking in the TV thread and there are a lot of posts which begin with spoilers below... An easier way to do this would be by adding spoiler tags ([SPOILER]), which are a collapsible block of text hidden by default. If admins are looking to modifiy the forum software, this could...
  11. ganeshran

    Is Embedding youtube videos possible in CW

    How do I embed youtube videos in CW posts? Has the feature been disabled
  12. ganeshran

    Is Philander the new McGrath?

    He has bowled as good as, if not better than Steyn in his short international career which takes quite some doing Will he able to emulate the pigeon, or be unable to sustain the brilliant performance in his initial few tests?
  13. ganeshran

    Best batsman from associate teams

    Who is the best batsman that Associate teams have produced? Steve Tikolo Thomas Odoyo Ten Doeschate Gavin Hamilton Kevin O Brian Ashish Bagai or others
  14. ganeshran

    Bracewell should have been given the Man of the match

    It was a great knock by Warner, but IMO bracewell deserved it more. They should have atleast shared the award
  15. ganeshran

    Best Pakistani seamer?

    Who is the best seamer Pakistan has produced. Sarfaraz Nawaz Imran Wasim Waqar Mohammed Asif Or someone else..
  16. ganeshran

    Sehwag breaks world record ODI score

  17. ganeshran

    Can Ponting win this match for Australia

    Will those gunning for him be silenced if Ponting wins this match for Australia?
  18. ganeshran

    McGrath vs Sydney Barnes?

    Who do you guys think is the better bowler? Barnes: Averaged 16.43 to pick up 189 wickets. McGrath: Averaged 21.64 to pick up 563 wickets
  19. ganeshran

    Has batting in tests become too aggressive.

    Has test batting become more about hitting out and losing wickets in a heap rather than grinding it out and patiently building an innings?
  20. ganeshran

    Graeme Swann reveals Twitter death threats after India defeat

    England spinner Graeme Swann claims he was sent death threats via Twitter in the aftermath of his side's one-day mauling by India. A 5-0 series whitewash burst England's bubble following a summer of domination over the Indians and Swann, who was one of the 10 wickets lost for just 47 runs in...