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Search results

  1. Richard

    I am a golfer

    Oh yes, I am.
  2. Richard

    Mark Ealham = greatest bowler never to have a decent ODI career

    In other news, :beer: = good, :wine: = less so, & in between alcoholic drinks = the best way to retain muscle while still having a ****ot time.
  3. Richard

    Worst golf-club of all-time?

  4. Richard

    Do we play golf too much?

  5. Richard

    England in West Indies, 1986

    Amid the discussions about the worst defeats for Australia and India, this occurred to me. This five-match Test series was almost beyond doubt the most comprehensive beating an England Test side has incurred which did not come in the aftermath of WW1 - not quite the same as the "most painful"...
  6. Richard

    Postcounts - 2010

    Has been suggested in the thread in CC, so here we are. I personally don't want nor see the slightest good that can come of postcounts being removed entirely so I'm not having that as an option in a poll created by me - anyone who wants to do so can obviously, if they desire. However...
  7. Richard

    Merging of threads

    All right, when we say things like we're basically joking. But it is seriously annoying to get excessive numbers of unneccessary threads and it's been happening a lot of late. For example: This thread means these are not required...
  8. Richard


    Be playin' or don't be playin'?
  9. Richard

    Apart from Ian Salisbury, who is the worst England player since 1990 of those........

    ....... whose selection made some amount of (however little) sense? Different question to the one about who was worst out of Wayne Larkins, David Capel, Eddie Hemmings, Neil Williams, Derek Pringle, Ian Botham, Dermot Reeve, John Emburey, Neil Foster, Mike Watkinson, Ben Hollioake, Gavin...
  10. Richard

    Who really is the worst player to play for England since 1990?

    In undertaking a recent project it's occurred to me just how many truly awful players have played Tests for England in the last two decades (forget ODIs - the list there is just too depressing to even start on). Things have been better, true, than they were in the second half of the 1980s when...
  11. Richard

    Draft threads

    I'm not one to go in for all this cricket team draft stuff but it's proven very popular amongst many people, both regular CC'ers and non-. In the last 10 months there've been 23 threads on the matter. I'm guessing, given how long it's been going on for, that it's something that is going to be...
  12. Richard

    *Official* UK off-season 2009/10

    Season almost over, so I guess it's time for this. (If someone's already done one then plz delete, obvs.) Inter-county movements have already started. As ever there's a heap of hopeless players (mostly bowlers) I hope might retire because they're doing neither themselves nor county cricket any...
  13. Richard

    CricInfo strikes again

    One of the recent posts on CricInfo's newswatch blog, The Surfer, links to a recent article by someone on CricketWeb, which might be a first. Will leave it at "that's interesting" for now. Anyone got any thoughts on that entry?
  14. Richard

    *Official* Fourth Test at Headingley

    *Official* Fourth Test at Headingley Carnegie Ooohhh yeah, getting in early - well, it starts in 5 days' time. And it's looking safer and safer by the hour to bet that the Third Test is going to be a draw. And it's exceptionally unlikely that any of those nasty Lancastrian types will want to...
  15. Richard

    Hauritz and Strauss catches, Lord's Test

    To try to restore some sanity to proceedings here, which neccessitates a separate thread from the match thread... I realise Aussies feel hard-done-by, and in fairness they might well have been given that Strauss may quite possibly not have caught that Hughes edge. HOWEVER, there is actually no...
  16. Richard

    David Holford

    A little while ago, in the process of a lengthy project, I was required to look-up the story of this man. I wonder how many CWers, until this post, had a) heard of Holford and b) knew much if anything about him. For those who don't and are interested, it's really one of the most amazing stories...
  17. Richard

    Selection errors tally thread

    Let's have one of these. Pretty much universally agreed that it was a mistake to select Hilfenhaus over Clark and MSP over Onions. So without any of this hindsight nonsense making obvious errors seem like they were the right decision, that's 2 errors made already, 1 from either side.
  18. Richard

    2005 series - Umpiring error tally

    Apparently Gelman doesn't want this done in the thread to tally those for this year, so separate thread it is. I've heard some people (Australians, in fact) claim that there was an avalanche of errors in 2005. Truth is otherwise, as far as I'm concerned. So let's hear it: which were these...
  19. Richard

    *Official* First Test at Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

    Already heaps of discussion on the match, mostly centred on whether the pitch will be a Bunsen or whether it'll be a Bunsen. So I say - first off, don't take it as read that it'll be a rank turner. It's certainly quite possible, but by no means as likely as some seem to be making-out.
  20. Richard

    Gauntlets For Nothing, Willow For Free... Almost

    Yes, I have finally bowed to the inevitable and used an adaptation of a song title in a feature. I am attempting to look at the changing role of wicketkeepers, and bust a few myths along the way. Gauntlets For Nothing, Willow For Free... Almost