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Search results

  1. irottev

    Dean Brownlie

    This guy is quality. Reminds me of Sachin Tendulkar a bit. I think he's probably going to be the best batsman in the world in a few years. Who do you guys think is better. Sachin Tendulkar or Dean Brownlie? He's definitely going to be our next Martin Crowe.
  2. irottev

    Neil Wagner 5 wickets in 6 balls

    I thought this deserved it's own thread because it's something that has never been recorded to have been done before. Neil Wagner took 5 wickets in 6 balls including a double hattrick. First 4 balls of the over and then the final delivery. It included a hattrick of "bowled" dismissals. Not sure...
  3. irottev

    New Zealand

    LOL LOSERS! Bennett and Williamson aside. What a pack of absolute losers. -1 supporter.
  4. irottev

    Hamish Bennett - The next Shane Bond

    Wow. What a bowler. Just been watching NZ v Bangladesh and Bennett was the star IMO. He was unplayable at the death. Was a bit nervous in his first few overs but once he got the wicket he was all go. He attacks - sure, he went for a few runs but he'll get wickets. I can see him developing into...
  5. irottev

    Biggest Losers in World Cricket

    I vote for New Zealand. Their team is awful. They have 4 decent players and the other 7 are filler and wouldn't make any other test nation side. Even then, Vettori and McCullum are very over-rated.