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Search results

  1. aussie

    The Lost New Zealand team under Stephen Fleming

    Looking back at NZ's rise a test team under McCullum ever since the were bowled out for 45 in South Africa 2013 to be on the cusp of being world champions this year and also on the verge of beating Australia for the first time since 1985/86 in the upcoming two test series - my wind has wondered...
  2. aussie

    Greatest keeper batsman - Gilchrist or Sangakkara?

    Now that Sangakkara has recently retired, I think this is interesting topic to discuss and in hindsight i believe Sangakkara was better modern keeper/bat since 2000 and if you picked an all-time XI & needed a keeper with strongest batting prowess in test history it has to be Kumar. GILCHRIST...
  3. aussie

    English Off-Spin - Where does Graeme Swann rate?

    Well of course Jim Laker is unanimously rated as English best ever off-spinner for obvious reasons. But Swann performaces since last winter vs South Africa have been the best performances by an English spinner since Underwood (although Tufnell has his period in the early 90s) & the best from an...
  4. aussie

    Nathan Hauritz's role in the Australian test side: Should he really be a fixture?

    Watching the New Zealand test series earlier this year, especially the recent 2nd test as Ross Taylor assaulted Hauritz in the first innings & the test vs Pakistan in ENG. Then in the second innings when Clarke managed to do a very steady job as spinner & North taking a 6 wicket haul @ Lord's...
  5. aussie

    Spain vs France: World & European Champions.

    SPAIN: -----------------------------Casillas-------------------------------------- Ramos-----------------Pique-----------Puyol--------------------Capedevilla ----------------------Busquets/Senna-----Alonso--------------------------...
  6. aussie

    What is more difficult: Facing a quality pace attack or Facing a quality spin attack?

    As the thread states, which is/has been more difficult for test bastmen to counter?. I ask this question because when judging great batsmen, especially the many batsmen"Flat track Bullies" of the last 10 years who average 50+. One finds a a very consistent trend of these batsmen doing well...
  7. aussie

    *Official* England Squad Thread

    Yea yea just putting it out there & yes i deserves its own thread. Once all are fit the best 23 IMO: GOAL-KEEPERS: 1. Green 2. Hart 3. Robinson DEFENDERS: 4. Terry (c) 5. Ferdinand 6. Upson 7. King* 8. A Cole 9. Johnson 10. Bridge MID-FIDLERS: 11. Gerrard 12. Lampard 13. Barry 14...
  8. aussie

    Best Test Matches & ODIs of the decade

    I'll do a top 10 for each section that i've seen or heard/read about. TOP 10 TESTS: 1. IND vs AUS: Kolkatta 2001 2. ENG vs AUS: Edgbaston 2005 3. WI vs AUS: Antigua 2003 4. SRI vs ENG: Kandy 2001 5. SRI vs AUS: Galle 2004 6. SRI vs SA: Colombo 2006 7. WI vs PAK: Antigua 2000 8. IND vs AUS...
  9. aussie

    Pick a team comprising of your favourite players

    Only criteria is that you had to have seen them play live TESTS: Slater Hayden Ponting Lara Pietersen Gilchrist Flintoff Warne (c) Akhtar Gough Bond ODIs: Gilchrist Lara Ponting (c) Pietersen Symonds Flintoff Klusener Afridi Akram Lee Bond Not enough T20s played to make a team yet.
  10. aussie

    Barath vs Hughes

    Haa, just throwing it out there. Much similarities in their style though.
  11. aussie

    Australia's Best T20 XI

    Well this team is being picked with T20 WC next year in mind. But unfortunately due to poor scheduling not enough international practise will be avaliable. Plus the dumb selectors have already made Clarke captain. I personally also am disappointed Ponting retired tbh, i would have hoped he...
  12. aussie

    Viv Richards accused of taking drugs as a player!!!

    "Viv Richards used to take drugs" . Hopefully the King responds to clear this up..
  13. aussie

    Reintroduction of the Substitute rule

    Given how T20s have evolved i think having this rule back again, would make the format even more appealing. As most would remember the way ICC structured the rule the last time, where by the captain had to name his sub before the toss instead of after the toss, really was stupid. I was always a...
  14. aussie

    Cricinfo All-time series "Eleven of the best"

    Has anyone been following this?. Well i have and i strongly believe the cricinfo cats have swagger jacked CW on this one. But anyway seeing what they come up with will be very interesting. This is whats been poppin so far, for those who have not seen it...
  15. aussie

    Mitchell Johnson vs Allan Davidson

    I showed my white gramps who had the great privilege of seeing Allan Davidson bowl & bat in 1963 here in England. We where just watching back Johnosn spell in the 2nd test & his batting in the 3rd test. And boyyyy old guy was going off & was adamant that Johnson has better attributes than Davo...
  16. aussie

    Greatest Football XI of All-time

    Dont think i've ever come across such a thread in the football section of this site. Which is surprising given the solid knowledge by many of this site on the sport. My take: YASHIN CARLOS ALBERTO MOORE BECKENBAUER...
  17. aussie

    Greatest English football XI

    A good chance to look at the football history of the national side, given the that cricket chat seems to an historical wavelenght of late. COACH: Alf Ramsey GOAL-KEEPERS: - Gordon Banks - Peter Shilton - David Seaman DEFENDERS: - Bobby Moore* - Captain - Jack Charlton - Bill Wright -...
  18. aussie

    Moin Khan vs Rashid Latif

    Just wondering how you Pakistan rate them & who do you think was better. I have always heard the general idea that Latif was the better glovesman while Moin was better with the bat. But i have my querries. From my knowledge i can't say i can honestly separate their ability as glovesmen, but...
  19. aussie

    The Road to the 2009 Ashes

    Well as a traditionalist with not much enticing test cricket series coming up within the next year IMO other than AUS in PAK (yes i am discounting Aus in Ind cause i't won't be the same as before & SA vs AUS 08/09 since they always choke againts Australia or neutral series i.e Ind vs Pak) the...
  20. aussie

    Cricket Chat not as exciting as before

    yoyoyo its your boy again & i'm here to say i think Cricket chat has lost the intially swagger of when i first found this joint. I just dry yo, intially the arguments where brilliant with blokes like TEC, Richard, Faaip, Top Cat, Marc (to a level), Scaly, Scallwag (banned), Jono, C_C, Neil...