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  1. Deja moo

    Indian Board calls for scrapping of Champions Trophy

  2. Deja moo

    Caption This - Roger Twose

    Its an old one, but came across this on a google search:
  3. Deja moo

    Michael vaughan or ICC ?

    Which is better ? I know people say ICCs better, but my understanding is that there are limited number of teams in ICC whereas MV has all the teams on the planet represented.
  4. Deja moo

    Which ground in your country produces the best cricket ?

    In India, I can't go past the Chidambaram in Chennai. Almost all tests they've hosted have been classics: The 1987 tied test Ind vs Aus The India vs Aus tests 98 ( see sawing match), 2001 ( the third and final test of that superb series) and 2004 (a classic thwarted only by rain on the final...
  5. Deja moo

    **Breaking News**

    Greg Chapell is India's new coach. The board has also decided to discus the issue of a bowling coach.
  6. Deja moo

    test upload

  7. Deja moo

    Oldies but Goldies

    If you had to choose a team for each country comprised purely of retired ( from both forms of the international game ) players ( in their present physical condition) to play the Oldies WC tomorrow, whom would you choose ? India : Robin Singh Nayan Mongia + Javagal Srinath Venkatesh Prasad...
  8. Deja moo

    PDA version

    Theres a PDA version of CW.net ? Theres a link that says "PDA" in the top right hand corner of the archives page. Does it work on wap enabled phones ?
  9. Deja moo

    #Link to Cricket Chat forum#

    test C :ph34r: r 8-) i :cool: c :huh: k :blink: e :p t Chat :happy:
  10. Deja moo

    Top 10 ODI Innings of All time

    Inspired by the discussion re: Anwar 194. Off the top of my head, in no particular order for now : Viv Richards 189 in the WC Pontings 141 in the WC Sachins 143 and 134 vs Autralia in Sharjah (the twin desert innings's) Jayasuriyas 189 vs India in Sharjah Anwars 194 Symonds' 143(?) vs...
  11. Deja moo

    Caption this ! - Shaun Pollock

    This picture makes it seem as if the SA team is abusing Shaun Pollock ,who appears to be in some discomfort :
  12. Deja moo

    testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingt estingtestingtestingtestingtestingt

    testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingt estingtestingtestingtestingtestingt...
  13. Deja moo


    niceeeeeeee :cool: 8-) :ph34r: :huh: :blink: :D :p :) :happy:
  14. Deja moo

    The Drain Effect

  15. Deja moo

    WTF has the BCCI been doing ?

    See the first table on this link.....http://www.cricinfo.com/link_to_database/ARCHIVE/CRICKET_NEWS/2004/AUG/021935_COL-STATS_13AUG2004.html Since 97 , India has played just 29 tests at home and 42 abroad. Was the BCCI sleeping ? Its not even near 50-50.
  16. Deja moo

    Has the 2007 World cup format been changed again ?

    There are indications that there might still be 4 groups , but the teams will play each other twice (ie. 6 matches each) in the group stages rather than once as was planned before. There might be quarter finals rather than a super eight stage ...
  17. Deja moo


    Regarding the openers slot in the Indian team , Overheard in the Indian dressing room an hour before the first test vs Australia in October 2004 (ya I got a time machine ).... Bala, how do you feel today ? Great - why do you ask ? Sehwag's got a slight stomach upset - put on your pads -...
  18. Deja moo

    *Whats wrong with 4 innings ODI cricket ?

    You know , 4 innings of 25 overs each , where teams alternate batting and fielding. The team batting first continues batting in the 3rd innings( not a fresh start )..... Advantages of such a system: (1) does not alter the basic character of ODI cricket too much . (2) reduces the "toss...
  19. Deja moo

    Ian Chappells World Eleven for the Super series

    Here it is: Virender Sehwag Stephen Fleming (captain) Rahul Dravid Brian Lara Sachin Tendulkar Jacques Kallis Sangakkara (wicket-keeper) Irfan Pathan Anil Kumble Shane Bond Muttiah Muralitharan 12th man .Andrew Flintoff. Thoughts ?
  20. Deja moo

    Cricket included in the 2006 Asian Games....

    Cricket to make its debut in the Asian games . Why ? Why ? Why ? There will be 6 teams in the 2006 asian games cricket competing for medals. Sound similar ? yeah....there are 6 teams in the Asia cup 2004 too. And the Asia cup has been confirmed as a two yearly event. So we will have the...