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Search results

  1. ImpatientLime

    chris tremlett v simon jones

    no injuries (or as close to that as you can get as a top class sportsman), who would have been the better test match bowler?
  2. ImpatientLime

    Ian Bell v David Boon

    who was the better test bat?
  3. ImpatientLime

    loudest and most hostile crowds

    i saw burgey recently in another thread mention pontings innings at old trafford in 2005 and mention how hostile the crowd was. i was there that day, the only day of that ashes i went to and it was electric and brutal. the explosion of clarke leaving to jones and gillespie padding up to hoggard...
  4. ImpatientLime

    Bob Willis passes away

    bowler of the greatest spell in english test match history rip https://www.skysports.com/cricket/news/12123/11878027/bob-willis-ex-england-captain-and-sky-sports-cricket-expert-dies-aged-70
  5. ImpatientLime

    Eoin Morgan

    has just cemented himself a position in history alongside the likes of douglas jardine, mike brearley, nasser hussain and michael vaughan. taking england from where they were in 2015, a laughing stock playing cricket behind the times to world champions playing cricket like no one has ever seen...
  6. ImpatientLime

    England's greatest ever ODI batsman

    quality pretty poor compared to the other major nations but still some fine players in this group
  7. ImpatientLime

    why can't england produce a 50+ batsman?

    why can't england produce a 50+ averaging batsman? kenny barrington's last day of test match cricket was on the 30th july 1968. since that day not one english batsman has retired with an average of 50+. now yes average aren't everything but i think it's a fairly damning stat. not one...
  8. ImpatientLime

    sledging that backfired

    was just watching highlights of flintoff's 95 v south africa at the oval in 2003 where fairly early in his innings ntini proper sledged him and got up in his face only to have flintoff flog him round the park like he was a village trundler. what other examples of this are there? inb4 big dev...
  9. ImpatientLime

    The most lowly thought of players with truly gun performances.

    Seeing Athertons name pop up in another thread made me think of how odd it is that a guy who was reguarly dismissed for not very many by too class pacers and who is genuinely thought of as a so so player is also the same player who played two of the 90s most iconic knocks, against Donald and...
  10. ImpatientLime

    Ryan Harris v Stuart Clark

    two fantastically skillful and accurate australian seamers who broke out in the second half of their careers, but who was the superior bowler?
  11. ImpatientLime

    andrew flintoff v david boon on a sydney-london qantas a380

    with 200 330ml cans of piss weak australian lager. who leaves on their feet at heathrow?
  12. ImpatientLime

    The costliest drops and misfields of all time

    Something I've never seen done before I'll get us rolling Warne dropping Pietersen on 15 at the oval in 2005. A dolly that would probably have turned the game
  13. ImpatientLime

    Best English fast bowler since Botham/Willis?

    Not exactly a stellar list but with in light of Anderson's superb displays over the past few years I'd be keen to see who you all rank as the best English quick since Botham and Willis.
  14. ImpatientLime

    Matt Prior

    After his superb innings today to save the match and series for England, I'd like to get some discussion going on Matt Prior and start with a few questions. Does he make your all time England side? As far as pure keepers go he's not even in the picture, but in terms of a batsman/keeper package...
  15. ImpatientLime

    Would Stuart Broad make India's strongest test XI?

    Stuart Broad, a player mediocre at best with the ball in test match cricket but for some strange reason a nailed on starter for England despite their strength in depth in this department. India, despite their number one ranking a team lacking test quality fast bowlers. Zaheer being the one...
  16. ImpatientLime

    Why do England struggle to produce undisputedly great players?

    Not since Ian Botham have England produced a genuine ATG player, Graham Gooch is a borderline case but his career was very much a game of different halfs. In this time every test playing nation have managed to do so with the exception of Bangladesh. Australia, the West Indies, India, Pakistan...