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Search results

  1. Galactic_Soap

    The Best Fieldsmen I Have Seen

    Mark Waugh for me was amazing, the catch he took at cover to dismiss Chris Cairns in Brisbane is close to one of the best pieces of fielding I have seen. For me purely for his hands and his judgement I'd rate him higher than Jonty, and just behind Harper. Growing up in South Africa I can't go...
  2. Galactic_Soap

    ***Official** West Indies in England***

    Why is foxsports not showing this game?! Pretty bloody dire!
  3. Galactic_Soap

    Player You'd Like To See Play More Cricket

    I would have loved to see the Brett Schultz, Alan Donald partnership come to fruition...Out of the current lot: Jeetan Patel Peter Fulton in tests Johan Van De Wath Salman Butt Ben Hilfenhaus
  4. Galactic_Soap

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2007

    :-O 0/46 isn't that bad!
  5. Galactic_Soap

    Sri Lanka Thread

    I have to agree, with performance in any major tournament being as much about momentum as it is about skill, one would have to think that the self belief and momentum generated from the Chaple Hadlee series is priceless given the way the black caps are going about their work of late. Again...
  6. Galactic_Soap

    Sri Lanka Thread

    That was a great effort by Sri Lanka…to bounce back after the South Africa game shows class, and determination. Its imperative that the momentum which has been generated from the tail end of the South African innings and the Windies game continues to be built on for the game against England...
  7. Galactic_Soap


    Another vote for a very enjoyable world cup, despite the lack of sleep!
  8. Galactic_Soap

    I'm so tired....

    The only real match I've watched in its entirity has been the Sri Lanka vs India, that was off an extreme Friday at work a bit of a boogie with some mates in Sydney Cross…from there went to a sports bar with just the correct amount of Indians and Sri Lankans, watched the whole first innings...
  9. Galactic_Soap

    Most Physically Fit Cricketer

    That guy must have just passed gas, I pitty the keeper! BTW, who the hell is that?
  10. Galactic_Soap

    Unheralded Part of The Game: Fielding

    Hmmmm, not necessarily, the Sri Lankan team of the late 80's/early 90's were frankly a better fielding outfit than the current crop. For me I'd have to agree with NZ being the best fielding side at the moment.
  11. Galactic_Soap

    Sri Lanka 30-man squad named

    ^^^And who says Indian aquired MBA's are useless :smartass: The fact that Sri Lanka has to qualify is abit of a joke in my eyes, oh well... I personally see Sri Lankan stepping up to the plate and continuing on the impressive form seen In England. In Jayawardene I believe Sri Lanka have found...
  12. Galactic_Soap

    The Prediction Thread

    Ooooh predictions, I'll have a go :ph34r: Murali to get 850 test wickets Alan Donald to coach South Africa by 2010 Racial taunts to be levelled at Panesar at Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane West Indies to make the semi finals of the CWC 2007 and lose to Pakistan Australia to beat Sri...
  13. Galactic_Soap

    ***Official*** QLD v NSW State of Origin Thread

    Not happy at all, yes it was at Suncorp, yes they were one up in the series and yes the QLD side was under incredible public scrutiny over the past two weeks, which would have fired them up no end, but what I saw yesterday was pathetic!:@ Our halves combination was static and uninspiring all...
  14. Galactic_Soap

    ***Official Australia in South Africa***

    I went to bed at 4am in the morning, up at 8 and will be in at work at 9. This is one of the most memorable moments of my cricket viewing memory. I’m sure all of you on this forum know the pain that South African supporters have had to bear at the hands of this exceptional aussie outfit...
  15. Galactic_Soap

    World Cup - Australia first.... daylight second

    As much as I hate to say it, I agree with the above. I think Bondy is good for cricket in general, let alone NZ cricket, however he just doesn't seem all there. I didn't see him hit "that length" against SA or SL. He seemed to be very much a two length bowler (although given the manner the Sri...
  16. Galactic_Soap

    Fastest Left Arm Bowler?

    Akram out of the two you've mentioned above. Amazing bowler, and one of those cricketers I'm truelly grateful for haveing seen bowl. In terms of out and out pace I'm sure Brett Shultz could have fired it up when he had to, dare I say, at his peak he could have been the quickest left armer ever ...
  17. Galactic_Soap

    The Kumar Sangakkara Fan Club

    Big fan of Sangkarra. He is actually married to a mate of mines cousin (lol, how far removed is that), anyway, he came down to a regular park cricket game when he was in Australia for the Tsunami benefit series, purely to thrill and surprise a bunch of twenty year olds. Apparently the skipper...
  18. Galactic_Soap

    Racism - Social pariah or public consensus?

    I fail to see how acknowledging these racial elements has any bearing on my ability to tarnish the rest of the country, there are far greater things that Australia has yet to repent for that paints a far sadder picture (being fully aware, as I am sure you and others are, of the effect the stolen...
  19. Galactic_Soap

    Racism - Social pariah or public consensus?

    As a South African with Sri Lankan blood lines living in Sydney you can imagine my dinner is as eclectic as my taste in music, the one thing I do not have a taste for is racism, and alas this is the one thing that has prevented me from barracking for Australia in cricket. The first cricket...