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  1. andyc

    Ban Announcements

    In an effort to avoid the sidetracking of other threads around the forum, this thread has been created for moderators to announce when a member has been banned, for how long, and for what reason. As previous discussion of bans has led to threads being locked, this thread will remain locked so...
  2. andyc

    David Shepherd passes away

    From cancer, says Cricinfo A real shock since he retired not too long ago. Always loved how he still stood one one leg when a Nelson rolled around. RIP.
  3. andyc

    Australia report bookie approach to ICC

    Australia report bookie approach to ICC | Cricket News | The Ashes - England v Australia 2009 | Cricinfo.com Sad to see it happening, but at least the player involved did the right thing.
  4. andyc

    Ashes Predictions Thread

    Surprised one of these doesn't exist already. Ripping the criteria from the Aus-SA series: Series Result: Top Eng Runscorer: Top Aus Runscorer: Top Eng Wicket-taker: Top Aus Wicket-taker: Player of the Series: Surprise Packet: Dropped Player(s): Miscellaneous Event: Personally, going...
  5. andyc

    Allrounders 'unsustainable' in modern game

    Cricinfo - Allrounders 'unsustainable' in modern game Very interesting article. When you read it all, you really have to sympathise with Oram- he doesn't particularly want to be forced to give up Tests, but clearly, something has to give. Is there any way to stop allrounders from being forced...
  6. andyc

    Who's going to win?

    As above - who's going to win the Ashes this time around? Be kind enough to post your predicted score as well, CBF adding 20-odd options to the poll to cover them all. Myself, I'm going for Australia, either 3-0 or 2-1.
  7. andyc

    Test thread

    Who cares? It's the TF
  8. andyc


    Just wondering why this thread was closed. Clearly, it's nothing special and it wasn't going anywhere, but if someone's closing a thread, they should at least explain why instead of just doing it out of the blue.
  9. andyc

    I must enter a title/subject

    test meh...
  10. andyc

    Mitchell Johnson

    After a fairly rubbish start to his international career (was averaging 150 with the ball after 4 games), Mitchell Johnson has taken 11/140 in his last four games. Admittedly, it's just four games, but it's also half of his ODI career, and he currently averages 24.16 with the ball. He's been...
  11. andyc

    Round 7 match team previews and match reports

    Post your team previews, match reports and anything else in this thread. This is for both First Class and One Day round 7 matches. We expect at least 1 piece of writing from each manager...
  12. andyc


    Twice now I've had nigh****chmen used in my games, with D Prasad (avg of 9.4) being sent in both times. The first time he made 12 off 25, and the second time he got out for a two ball duck. Not too awful, obviously, but I've got much better tailenders than Prasad in my side that I'd very much...
  13. andyc

    One Day Round 3 Reports

    Fire away
  14. andyc

    First Class Round 2 Match Reports

    Post away
  15. andyc

    Mashonaland Trading

    The Mashonaland team is fairly set, but all offers will be listened to (albeit briefly for some players). The following players, however, are definitely open for trading: S Mushtaq (FC bowling 23.22, OD bowling 21.47) Y Cole (FC bowling 27.09, OD batting 45.1) K Harvey (OD batting 45.5) W...
  16. andyc

    Season 7 Press Releases

    As soon as it emerged that Mashonaland had picked spinner Ben Joshi in the first round of the pre-season draft, the rumour mill started up, with many wondering about where this left Mashonaland veteran Saqlain Mushtaq. Mushtaq was the standout performer for the struggling Zimbabwean team last...
  17. andyc

    Alright, so who's going to win?

    Pretty much a copy of my thread in the World Cup forum, only this time you've got to predict the score as well. Public poll, so we'll be able to ridicule all those who got it wrong after the series is over. I am aware that there are other results possible, but I really didn't want to have to...
  18. andyc

    One Day Round 2 Match Reports

    Post away gents
  19. andyc

    Okay, so who's gonna win?

    Pretty self-explanatory, really. 'Tis a public poll, so we'll be able to see the idiots who go for Zimbabwe or Kenya.
  20. andyc

    Best Statistical XI

    I'm pretty sure this hasn't done before, but I could be wrong. This XI is made up completely of the best averaging batsman and bowlers in history. Only the two openers have been picked in terms of being the best at their position, while the rest of the middle order have been chosen purely on...