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  1. J

    Symbol showing you posted in this thread

    I was wondering if we could have this brought in? I'm far more interested to read into threads I've already posted in, and I can't remember everything I've posted in. Most other forums (infact, all) I've visited before have this marked with a small dot or arrow to the left of the thread title...
  2. J

    Clarke retains T20 captaincy

    Michael Clarke retains Australia's Twenty20 captaincy | Cricket News | England v Australia 2010 | Cricinfo.com Give it to White, TBH. Not complaining about Clarke gaining experience though, if I gave a stuff about Twenty20 I'd be raging though.
  3. J

    Australia's opening batsmen

    With Hughes recent success in the Test against New Zealand, are you in favour of him opening with either Katich or Watson, with the other slipping down the order, or keeping the winning combination? Seeing as a lot of people have recently been wanting North dropped after his poor Australian...
  4. J

    Clarke named Australia's Twenty20 captain

    Michael Clarke has been confirmed as Australia's new Twenty20 captain and Cameron White will step into the vice-captaincy following the retirement of Ricky Ponting from the format. Clarke was widely expected to take on the leadership and the decision was confirmed by Cricket Australia on Friday...
  5. J

    Weights exercises for batsman

    Seeing as now I've stopped bowling, what are the best weights exercises to do for batting to improve strength specific to batting? Like, the power through the shots, running between the wickets, etc. I had this when I was bowling: Upper: Push ups Bench press Deadlifts Shoulder Press Chest...
  6. J


    Yes, another captaincy thread. Well, now, I'm having massive second thoughts about captaining my school side. I don't know whether to do it or just be a player. I don't really know much about setting fields, but the rest I know what's going on. So, should I captain, and how can I set fields...
  7. J

    Preview of Australia's summer - Line ups, predictions and more! (Part 1 of 3)

    It’s almost time again. The sound of leather on willow, the hot sun beating down on us, the long days and mind games of Tests, the One Day Internationals, and the thrilling Twenty20’s. It’s time for the Australian summer of cricket. West Indies in Australia - Tests To kick start the...
  8. J

    When the West Indies travel to Australia...

    ...will it still be the 1523234th XI, or will any/all of the first XI be back?
  9. J

    Ponting calls quits to Twenty20

    Ponting retires from Twenty20 internationals | Australia Cricket News | Cricinfo.com Respect + 1000, still fairly low after some poor captaincy in the Ashes though. Top work skip.
  10. J

    Classifying pace bowling

    How would I classify my pace, at 13? For example: Fast bowling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Is for full grown men, how would you rank for a player of my age? On that scale, I'm not even medium, but I'm not exactly a slow bowler, for my age.
  11. J

    How much cricket do you watch?

    1) When your team is playing. 2) When your team isn't playing 3) When it isn't on your T.V. (eg going to pubs, getting streams, going to mates, the game, etc)
  12. J

    Paine gets call-up

    Cricket Australia > Latest News > News Obviously this shows Wade isn't in the plans as much as I thought he was.
  13. J

    It's just not cricket

    You know what I'm talking about. The IPL. It's a waste of time. Only the Indians like it. It's a money grabbing scheme. It only causes injuries. It's not entertainment. People take it say to seriously (eg Indians saying "OMFG YYOUUU MUUUUSSSTTTTTTT PICKKKK THIS PLAYERZ FOR AUSSIES THIS...
  14. J

    Chest drive, hip drive etc

    Well, seeing as I'm really progressing quickly, and learning a lot about fast bowling, I feel I need to sort this out as well. I read a lot about chest drive, hip drive, and others occasionally too. Could someone please explain exactly what they are (perhaps in complicated terms and simple...
  15. J

    Whatever you like...II

    Well, we need a new one, and a new one wasn't created...
  16. J

    New cricket gear for the new season

    Do you guys normally buy new cricket gear for each new season? Like update stuff, get new stuff, replace stuff, etc. Not just fully get a new kit. This season, I'm looking for the following. -New shirt -New pants x 2 -New helmet -New gloves if these ones wear (already showing signs) -New shoes...
  17. J

    Jakes 2009/10 cricket season log

    Tuesday 4th August, 2009 Time to get motivated and started on this. I've probably left it too late already, I don't want to be postponing it any longer. We have training this Sunday, the first of two pre season training sessions. I am very disappointed in how poor I was over the off season...
  18. J

    If Test cricket died

    Would you still watch cricket? Personally, I would watch the occasional game of One Day cricket, but then I would probably end up getting desperate and start watch lots more OD.
  19. J


    Who uses it?
  20. J

    Jakes pre season cricket log

    OK, firstly, welcome to my log. So I've taken a bit of a break from the weights, training, whole working out thing. I'm back now, and am ready to go again. I plan on starting fresh, again with light weights, good form, and be a lot more cricket specific. I have some old cricket magazines that...