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  1. silentstriker

    WTC and bilateral series

    As I'm watching India play their Test matches - it used to be that I would care about the current Test - and if it was a Test vs a side like BD, I woudn't really care except as preparation for the next big series. But now with the WTC and the point system - I care a lot about just getting the...
  2. silentstriker


    Say what you want about him, but the bloke isn’t wasting anytime and is at least trying to do some good things: https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27947455/bcci-waits-bcb-nod-roll-eden-gardens-day-night-test
  3. silentstriker

    Who to root for?

    What are the good stories? As someone whose team who had to beat the powerhouse of Trinidad and Tobago and couldn't, I don't have a "home" team to root for. I'll be honest, I just realized the WC was about to start about 30 minutes ago, so I don't know any of the storylines. And no, I won't...
  4. silentstriker

    Best/worst/most hilarious miscommunications in Cricket

    Inspired by the hilarious events of this past test when Steven Smith was asked by his partner whether he should review, he replied: Reminds me of Archer "M for Mancy": Can anyone think of other instances?
  5. silentstriker

    Ann Coulter on soccer....you're welcome everybody

    Ann Coulter - June 25, 2014 - AMERICA'S FAVORITE NATIONAL PASTIME: HATING SOCCER Soccer as a sign of moral decay? This is the best article I've ever read. Discuss. :laugh:
  6. silentstriker

    BCCI discusses restructure in sharing of ICC revenue

    ICC news : BCCI discusses restructure in sharing of ICC revenue | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo Wow, this would be terrible for most of the Test playing nations.
  7. silentstriker

    BCCI unhappy with Lorgat?

    South Africa Cricket News: BCCI relationship Haroon Lorgat's top priority | ESPN Cricinfo WTF? Where does the BCCI get off even saying something like that? This isn't an ICC position - this is a board of another country.....
  8. silentstriker

    When India travel, money follows

    : Tony Cozier: When India travel, money follows | Cricket Features | West Indies Tri-Nation Series | ESPN Cricinfo Surely this can't possibly be sustained? If even tours by countries like SA and Australia are not profitable, and England is only profitable because of the travelling that comes...
  9. silentstriker

    Era of aggressive Test fields over - Dhoni

    As someone who has constantly criticized Dhoni about some of his field placings, I thought this article was interesting: Australia in India 2012-13 : Era of aggressive Test fields over - MS Dhoni | Cricket News | India v Australia | ESPN Cricinfo
  10. silentstriker

    VVS to retire after the NZ series

    India Cricket News: VVS Laxman likely to announce retirement on Saturday | ESPN Cricinfo
  11. silentstriker

    Kapil comes back into the BCCI fold

    India news: Kapil Dev returns to BCCI fold | India Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo Damn...but the ICL is clearly not going to come back, and he stands to make a lot of money.
  12. silentstriker

    Spot/Match fixers punished in Indian cricket

    India news: Full text of BCCI release announcing the bans on five domestic players | India Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo
  13. silentstriker

    UDRS discussed without a vote

    ICC news: ICC to vote on amending presidency | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo No nation actually asked for a vote, despite all except one supporting it. :laugh: Yea, Greig is completely wrong :p.
  14. silentstriker

    Saker rates attack as good as great Australians

    West Indies in England 2012: David Saker rates attack as good as great Australians | Cricket News | England v West Indies | ESPN Cricinfo :laugh:
  15. silentstriker

    Mike Procter interview

    Mike Procter: 'What's a Test career compared to the suffering of millions?' | Specials | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo Seems like the Harbhajan incident pretty much ended his career in cricket.
  16. silentstriker

    The Professional XI

    If you wanted to build a side with tough, thoroughly professional cricketers (no fuss, no overt assholes, etc), what would it look like? People who carry themselves well (No drama off the field as well) and put in the work day in and day out and don't give an inch. Batsmen who stand up when...
  17. silentstriker

    Should India have withdrawn their appeal against Thirimanne?

    In case you don't know - he was mankaded by Ashwin but Sehwag withdrew the appeal based on the 'spirit'. I don't understand how running someone out who is out of their crease is against the spirit of the game, but that's just me.
  18. silentstriker

    Instances of series favorites being whitewashed?

    I asked this in another thread but I thought it'd be interesting. The bookies thought england were better but they ended up getting whitewashed. Can anyone think of other instances where this has happened? Off the top of my head, I can't remember - India were higher ranked but England was...
  19. silentstriker

    More SLC money problems

    Ugh...:( Sri Lanka news: SLC eager to host IPL matches | Sri Lanka Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo
  20. silentstriker

    Greg Chappell regrets fallout with Tendulkar

    India news: Greg Chappell regrets fallout with Tendulkar | India Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo ITSTL lolbcci. For anyone who has the book already - what does he say about his recent stint in Australia?