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Search results

  1. harsh.ag

    Best Indian Spinner

    Kumble has more wickets overseas because, Srinath aside, India had a non existent pace attack for a long time. Pretty sure Ashwin would have greater wicket hauls overseas if not for India's pace battery.
  2. harsh.ag

    Indian fans bad news and justified pessisim thread #FatRahiHai

    NZ in the semi. It's over, boyz
  3. harsh.ag

    Adam Gilchrist vs Wally Hammond

    An ATG top order bat + a good fifth bowler + a good slip fielder. Hammond adds more value to the median side. Gilchrist more to a very good side.
  4. harsh.ag

    Where does Imran Khan rank?

    Bradman Sobers Hobbs Tendulkar Warne top 5. Imran just behind that alongside Hadlee.
  5. harsh.ag

    All time Asian-XI

    Gavaskar Dravid Younis Sachin Miandad Aravinda/Kohli/Laxman Sanga + Imran Wasim Murali Waqar
  6. harsh.ag

    Glenn McGrath vs Shaun Pollock

    Why would anyone ever think of him
  7. harsh.ag

    *Official* World Test Championship Final at The Oval – June 7–11, 2023

    India can't afford their batsmen. Drop the #5 for Axar
  8. harsh.ag

    Steve Smith vs Sachin Tendulkar

    Smith > Ponting What is this bs
  9. harsh.ag

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    Ugh, they allowed Watto to play 300+ deliveries
  10. harsh.ag

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    Easwaran Rohit Kohli Jaiswal Sarfaraz would be fun to have in the next series
  11. harsh.ag

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    Umesh will be a handful on this pitch
  12. harsh.ag

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    It's even worse umpiring in the days of the DRS. You give these kind of appeals out, and if the batter hasn't knicked it, he will review, since the batsman always (or almost always) knows.
  13. harsh.ag

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    Yes. Bring back the pain
  14. harsh.ag

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    That was such an obvious knick. Bad umpiring, but how the hell did Carey miss all the signs.
  15. harsh.ag

    *Official* England in NZ 2023

    England robbed. What a great day.
  16. harsh.ag

    Which team is currently the best, in 2023?

    India and England clearly above the rest right now. India have the better bowling. England have the better batting. It's gonna be close if they go head to head.