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Search results

  1. Hoppy1987

    The Colts Thread

    Hey guys, back from Dubai, month of golf!!! Yippee!!
  2. Hoppy1987

    The Colts Thread

    any chance of a game?? :)
  3. Hoppy1987

    Why is everyone so against 20/20?

    should be a good world cup and i think oweing to the shorter game span should produce a few more close finishes!
  4. Hoppy1987

    Office of the Stats Keeper

    herehere Colt's are on song, and if I can improve my form should be averaging more like 60 than 40!
  5. Hoppy1987

    Grade Cricket Season XII

    that would explain why i have only olayed one game, got 185 then not played since, thought it wouldv'e been a bit harsh to drop me :)
  6. Hoppy1987

    Grade Cricket Season XII

    wowwee woowah!! 185!! psyche! i didnt even know i was in this?
  7. Hoppy1987

    The Colts Thread

    I think perhaps i need to start scoring runs more consistently!! that would probs help lol! but a fantastic start guys, keep it up!
  8. Hoppy1987

    *Official* Season XII Results and Discussion Thread

    yeah fantastic stuff!! keep it up guys
  9. Hoppy1987

    *Official* Season XII Results and Discussion Thread

    Colt's are rolling it at the mo, good stuff!
  10. Hoppy1987

    Office of the Stats Keeper

    ohhh, still going strong!
  11. Hoppy1987

    The Colts Thread

    yeah licking it boys, and finally got some runs!
  12. Hoppy1987

    *Official* Season XII Results and Discussion Thread

    woohoo, some runs, 1 in 5 innings isn't bad haha!
  13. Hoppy1987

    Your dream commentary team

    so this is sky sports commentators only??? whats wrong with blowers or some of the good old guys on radio??
  14. Hoppy1987

    Office of the Stats Keeper

    good reading
  15. Hoppy1987

    Separate ODI & Test coaches?

    I think the ODI games and Test Matches should be completly seperate and have seperate teams (obviously both sides can use the same individuals!) so yes a good idea
  16. Hoppy1987

    Worst WK in terms of WK skills

    Akmal is a pathetic excuse for an international WK.
  17. Hoppy1987

    Is Daniel Vettori underachieving?

    following on from this, the only reason he has 200 wickets is the fact hes played so many games, and the fact hes been NZ's only reall spinner for a long time (until patel) he bowl hundreds of overs! the law of averages says he must et some wickets in that time? i'd like to see what percentage...