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Search results

  1. Bouncer

    Moin Khan vs Rashid Latif

    As someone who saw both of them play at international level for almost every single game that they both play in, I can tell you that as a keeper Rashid was miles ahead of Moin. He was unbelievably good at keeping considering the attack that he kept against was the most potent and had most...
  2. Bouncer

    MVP Predictions

    Love the fact that Player of the tournament went to a bowler, I mean in this day and age of flat surfaces, huge bats, when was the last time we had a bowler win play of tournament award? as an old school cricket fan, this (bowler winning MoT award) makes me happy
  3. Bouncer

    *Official* Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016

    What are your thoughts on Sussex who Pak play next in their next tour game? How is their batting line up and bowling line up? Anyone in the 11 that can give Pakistanis a good challenge or a good practice game?
  4. Bouncer

    All things Pakistan Cricket

    Another day another Mujra....Shouq Da koi Mulll Naain
  5. Bouncer

    Gooch's Autobiography..

    That too was really good. You would be surprised but I personally felt as if Fazal Mahmood's and aravinda de silva's were one of the best ones that I have ever read. The way they described events in their careers and in that era were very interesting to read. Martin Crow's out on the limb was an...
  6. Bouncer

    Gooch's Autobiography..

    I have and it is really good. What I enjoyed the most was him describing the era from 1974-1980-80 Where he went through a phase where he had to alter his stance, change his approach towards batting and decided to back his abilities to hit against the pace bowlers vs the old approach of an...
  7. Bouncer

    Pakistan Super League

  8. Bouncer

    Pakistan Super League

    Asshhlam Laikumm is the captain but KP is running the show...making field changes, working with bowlers and advising batsmen etc
  9. Bouncer

    ***Official*** Pakistan in New Zealand - T20/ODI series - Jan 2016

    Sharjeel is a Tank and must for T20 and ODI. I personally was pissed when he was dropped from the 11. Yep his fitness is bit Inzi-like but we have terrible fields in the 11 in Maqsood (Who never overly impressed me with his batting either and Gul...who clearly is no longer in physical shape to...
  10. Bouncer

    **Official** Pakistan and England in the UAE 2015/16

    Would be funnier had Nass said it. :laugh:
  11. Bouncer

    Sledging or an excuse to get personal?

    any clips of that incident between Matt, Joe and others?
  12. Bouncer

    **Official** Pakistan and England in the UAE 2015/16

    It is very likely that Misbah went to field not for batting practice but to get a close look at some of english batsmen. Hope this will help him come up with with a plan to bowl better to these players.
  13. Bouncer

    ***Official*** Pakistan in Zimbabwe 2015-16

    Sohaib Maqsood is one of the biggest false prophecy to happen to Pak cricket in a while. He has been playing for 2 years and the only thing one can say about him is that he is #InziMinusTalent. My ideal top order for next yr WX would be Sharjeel Nouman/Bilal Asif Umar Akmal S Malik H Sohail
  14. Bouncer

    ***Official*** Pakistan in Zimbabwe 2015-16

    He has one T20 50's since 2009 T20WC. On what ground does he deserve a promotion up the order?
  15. Bouncer


    They hired some new hotshot CEO that just finished his MBA degree from an online university. Anyway...the guy came in and demanded that layout has to be changed and be more in the lines in 21st century. So they did it.
  16. Bouncer

    **Official** Zimbabwe in Pakistan 2015

    Malik bowled really well and chocked Zim..otherwise they were well on track to get 190+ which would have really challenged Pak
  17. Bouncer

    Mohammed Amir cleared to return with immediate effect

    Too early to be that critical. 5 years off is a long time. very long
  18. Bouncer

    Mohammed Amir cleared to return with immediate effect

    He has not looked terribly bad TBH but I still do not want him to be rushed him into to national 11. He needs to play domestic, bowl long spells before he should be selected for Pak. But looking at the current situation of Pak bowling attack and couple of high profile series with Eng and India...
  19. Bouncer

    Mohammed Amir cleared to return with immediate effect

    Destroyed Shaoib Malik today.
  20. Bouncer

    29th Match - Pakistan v South Africa (7th March 2015)

    Pak had NOT defeated SA in WC's till today. This means in Semi final or final --> Zaroor Phorrain Gey