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Search results

  1. jcas0167

    Your favourite photographs with cricketers

    In 2014 I got pics with Hadlee and Gavaskar who was commentating on the India tour to NZ. Other ones are Martin Crowe at his book launch for 'Raw', Grant Elliot and Phil Simmons (at the Basin when he was here in 2020 as Windies coach).
  2. jcas0167

    Anderson to end Test career this summer

    Maybe if that was the world record but otherwise no.
  3. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Dylan Cleaver on Munro: https://dylancleaver.substack.com/p/back-to-the-bad-old-days
  4. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Allen (wk) Conway Williamson Mitchell Phillips Chapman Bracewell (c) Santner Henry Ferguson Southee
  5. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    NGL - I'm happy to see the teal back. Although given the WC has games in Florida maybe it's more appropriate to call it Miami Blue.
  6. jcas0167

    Imagine an attack of Wasim, Waqur, M Zahid, Saqlain/Akthar

    Yeah, he bowled like lightning in the tri-series in Australia 96/97. Ian Chappell was particularly impressed. Earlier that season he also ran through the Black Caps in a test.
  7. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Wonder if O'Rourke and/or Sears can force their way into the starting XI for the World Cup? Ferguson is presumably the first picked along with Milne. Boult and Southee less clear.
  8. jcas0167

    Michael Slater in BIG Strife

    I vaguely remember that and mood swings being mentioned in an article about him in the mid-90's - maybe in Inside Edge or another now defunct sports magazine from that era. It's really sad to read he's ended up like this.
  9. jcas0167

    New Zealand odi team of the 90s, should've been world beators?

    My recollection was Parore was good in ODI's until around 99 onwards when sides figured out not to bowl spin to him. As another post says his average in the 90's was ~28 (same as Mark Boucher) although I was surprised to see his overall average of 25.6 is still higher than most 90's keepers...
  10. jcas0167

    Was Dan Vettori better than the stats suggest

    Made the test side in early 1997 fresh out of High School and with only a handful of of first class games. At that point he looked head and shoulders above our other spin options and having just turned 18 looked like he would be a world class operator. As others have mentioned he adjusted his...
  11. jcas0167

    Which current players are/will be ATGs?

    Bumrah and Rabada.
  12. jcas0167

    Who is the 2nd greatest Kiwi Bowler?

    Alan Ross in the Observer: "The problem with Cunis is that his bowling is rather like his name. It's neither one thing nor the other".
  13. jcas0167

    Who is the 2nd greatest Kiwi Bowler?

    Richard Collinge was excellent. Although I asked someone who faced him about this poll and whether they would rate him above the others listed: "Probably not. Collinge would have been more scary because we didn't have helmets and he bowled at you rather than the stumps. Different times. I think...
  14. jcas0167

    Best 'bad fielders' XI

    Reminds me of the Tufnell outfield catch to get Michael Slater. The commentary from Bill Lawry and Boycott tops it off.
  15. jcas0167

    Is Jonty Rhodes the best fielder International Cricket has seen ?

    The commentators in the 90's like Benaud and Greig likened Rhodes to Colin Brand who played for South Africa in the 60's and seems generally revered as one of the greatest.
  16. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Brendon Donkers will be going as bowling coach and James Foster will also be assisting. Foster has been an assistant coach at Kolkata Knight Riders. I didn't realise he also was an assistant for the Black Caps when the toured England briefly last year then for T20 WC.
  17. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Wondered if Robinson would be an outside chance with the timing of this tour. The old guy at Onslow who has been saying he would be in the Black Caps the past few years will be stoked. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/350232784/big-hitter-tim-robinson-new-face-black-caps-twenty20-squad-pakistan
  18. jcas0167

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Indeed. Followed his career after he debuted for Canterbury at 16 which was extraordinary. Did pretty well straight away and also starred in that 2008 under 19 WC. Got 80 odd in the semifinal against India who were captained by Kohli. Then had various injury issues before eventually making his...