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Search results

  1. Contra

    ***Official*** India in New Zealand 2020

    Ok Mr.Kohli, time for you to step up, can't ask more from the bowlers than this, especially after losing Ishant. NEED BIG RUNS!
  2. Contra

    *Official* Australia in India ODIs 2019/20

    Check out Bumrah's economy rate in the whole series compared to all other pacers, dude is on a different level altogether.
  3. Contra

    *Official* Australia in India ODIs 2019/20

    bumrah's economy rate in games like these :wub:
  4. Contra

    India's Test Bowling Stocks

    Surely the best all round bowling attack in the world now?
  5. Contra

    *Official* South Africa in India, Sep/Oct 2019

    Nice to see Kohli fixing up that average after a few low scores. Dude was accused of not scoring "daddy" hundreds just a few years ago :laugh:
  6. Contra

    Smith v Kohli (test match batting)

    Its obviously Smith at the moment. Though its interesting to note that his last series in SA he had one of his worst ever series as a batsmen in the last few years, and personally (can't believe i'm saying this) I would have fancied our bowling attack against him during the Australia series that...
  7. Contra

    How does Ishant Sharma rate?

    Anderson has done really well for himself overall (though I still don't rate him highly away from home), so I don't see him reaching that level. Broad is a more likely comparison with Ishant, I remember before the 2011 India-England series people were picking who would better fit the team...
  8. Contra

    *Official* India in West Indies 2019

    So happy for Ishant, if he can end his career with a sub 30 average he would have done really well for us overall. Been amazing since 2014 onwards.
  9. Contra

    Official Indian Fans Hugbox Thread

    You would think with the amount of IPL we play and the kind of teams we've had in the past there would be a ton of openers who could hit from ball one but nope, still stuck with guys who like to build an innings at the top. CAN WE HAVE SEHWAG AT THE TOP AGAIN PLEASE! I miss him so so much... :(
  10. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    Jaddu stop this!
  11. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    25-30 runs at the top of the order is all that was needed... I. Just. Cant. Get. Over. it.
  12. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    He said as much in his tweet a few days ago LMAO
  13. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    Ravindra Jadeja is a "bits and pieces" cricketer - Sanjay Manjerekar
  14. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    You know whats sad about this, the fact that all you needed was ONE PLAYER to score even a run a ball 30 at the top... and India would genuinely be in this.
  15. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    LOL Kiwis getting tense for no reason, Indian fans know this is over, we've seen this happen way too often :laugh:
  16. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    Oh btw can we find whoever it was that said the weather was suppose to be worse today than it was yesterday? I haven't used my bat in a long long time...
  17. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    India HAS THE PLAYERS, they just need to be smart about how they approach things and BE FLEXIBLE as KOHLI HIMSELF keeps saying. India has attacking players batting time and guys who bat time coming in with the RR high. Such a situation will lead to the kind of situations India has routinely...
  18. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    Wait why are we all assuming Dhoni decided he was going to bat at this time? I honestly don't see the problem here, the Pandya/Pant partnership was going fine until Pant actually got out. Had they added another 50 runs Dhoni could have realistically finished the game with jadeja and bhuvi with...
  19. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    Oh btw if NZ win this they better win the final, like seriously STOP CRUSHING HOPES OF OTHER TEAMS AND THEN LOSING IN THE FINAL! ITS NOT FAIR!
  20. Contra

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    FTR Pant and Pandya's partnership was fine, just shouldn't have slogged with 2 fielders in the deep on the leg side. Pant is definitely the #4 going forward and eventual keeper in the side.