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Search results

  1. G.I.Joe

    In your DMs :cool:

    In your DMs :cool:
  2. G.I.Joe

    Final - England v New Zealand

    The team benefiting from it winning the World Cup has guaranteed that they can’t fix it without (a) looking like absolute idiots, and (b) spoiling the premier world tournament for fans on all sides.
  3. G.I.Joe

    43rd Match - Pakistan v Bangladesh

    If a Punjabi from Lahore kills a Punjabi's family from Amritsar, the latter would hate being called a Pakistani. He'd still identify as Punjabi. You conflate ethnicity and nationality.
  4. G.I.Joe

    Role of rain in semi final line-up

    Listen buddy, you keep the unfounded India blaming out of that Sarfaraz Bengali thingy and I'll follow suit accordingly. Bit rich this coming from you, blanking out that entire Pakistan-Bangladesh history from '71 and trying to pin that on India, don't you think?
  5. G.I.Joe

    Role of rain in semi final line-up

    Bangladesh don't rely on rain to luck out on their sole claim to fame in history, and their army doesn't appoint puppet prime ministers, so Shakib probably will fall well short on all but the personal front.
  6. G.I.Joe

    Role of rain in semi final line-up

    Well, there was reason enough. You brought up Imran Khan's instructions as if they were meant to be obeyed and all would have been fine. In the immortal words of Wade Wilson, "Luck is not a super power".
  7. G.I.Joe

    Role of rain in semi final line-up

    Did WC winning captain Imran Khan also instruct them to fold for 74 all out and hope that rain carries them to the knock-outs like it did in 1992?
  8. G.I.Joe

    43rd Match - Pakistan v Bangladesh

    Bangladesh literally means the land of the Bengalis, or the Bangla. There are Bengalis on both sides of the Indo-Bangla border, just as there are Punjabis on both sides of the Indo-Pak border. No Bengali would take offense at the hint of a shared heritage across borders. Usage of the word...
  9. G.I.Joe

    ATG Bad Captaincy Decisions

    endorsing Choka chocolate pan masala.
  10. G.I.Joe

    Will Pakistan win their first ever WC match against India?

    respected honourable mods kindly do the needful respected honourable mods.
  11. G.I.Joe

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    yeah, because if he meant after, he doesn't have to justify it. 8-)
  12. G.I.Joe

    Hadlee's health

    It’s just a static platform that your �� falls onto, then having inspected it to satisfaction you can flush it away. Since the �� doesn’t directly drop into the water seal until you flush, I imagine German toilets must stink immensely whilst you go about your business.
  13. G.I.Joe

    Hadlee's health

    It would be interesting to compare that with Germany, where I believe they have viewing platforms in their bowls.
  14. G.I.Joe

    Global T20 Canada

    They've got the Aussie cheats. It's a tainted tournament.
  15. G.I.Joe

    Baggy Green ball tampering: Bancroft, Smith and the Aussie "Leadership Group"

    One whose idea of homework would be to make players write a thesis on the effects of 1100 grit yellow sandpaper on cricket ball behaviour through the air?
  16. G.I.Joe

    Pictures of Steve Smith

    The cheats can’t help tampering with their balls even in team photos.
  17. G.I.Joe

    David Warner retirement thread

    IPL is finally rid of the pernicious effects of Australian captains.
  18. G.I.Joe

    Appropriate punishment for Smith from CW

    James to be stripped off his walkie talkie privileges.
  19. G.I.Joe

    Appropriate punishment for Smith from CW

    He should also be banned from posting on CW for 6 months. CW leadership group needs to take a stand.
  20. G.I.Joe

    Appropriate Punishment for Smith from CA

    Suspension for a few games, but allowed to carry on as Australian captain He'll be required to attend those captains' conclaves and sign and swear with a straight face to uphold the spirit of cricket and surely that's the sort of solemn stuff that'll keep him on the right path.