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Search results

  1. DCC_legend

    How Are You Doing On CM?

    Still playing the good old FM08. Started a new game a few weeks ago as Dundee United. Wasn't the most successful start to my managerial career and I got sacked just after Christmas. Took up a job at Redditch (Blue Square North) and saved them from relegation. Brought in a couple of re-gens and...
  2. DCC_legend

    *Official* Club Cricket Season XIV-XV

    Averaging just over 30 in OD and 20 in FC, winzorz.
  3. DCC_legend

    The Green Thread

    Looking forward to a new season, let's tear it up.
  4. DCC_legend

    How Are You Doing On CM?

    Still playing good ol' FM07. Haven't got round to purchasing anything since and it just runs so perfectly on my mac. Playing with Stafford Rangers in the 3rd season. Up to league 2 now, hoping to get a promotion this season. Mid table at the minute after 5 games. Tactics had to be changed a bit...
  5. DCC_legend

    So Who Is Still Interested?

    EAP McNamara - Can't remember, it's been a while but I'm defo still interested.
  6. DCC_legend

    Jakes 2009/10 cricket season log

    Training looks like something a professional would use. Reckon you're gunna do yourself more harm than good with that.
  7. DCC_legend

    One Day Round 14 Results & Match Reports

    Pretty happy with that result. Guptill again showing his OD class with a decent 69 ( :naughty: ) at the top of the order. Bowlers kept it tight too, during the North Zone Innings.
  8. DCC_legend

    CW Battrick Cup (season 13)

  9. DCC_legend

    Division 1 - Round 14 - One Day

    Auckland M Guptill R Jones S Fleming * T Roach W Anderson + L Vincent S Styris K Mills A Adams S Bond A McKay Fleming in for Morgan in last game of season.
  10. DCC_legend

    First Class Round 13 Results & Match Reports

    Pleased with that result. Roach and Tuffey both excellent.
  11. DCC_legend

    CW Battrick Cup (season 13)

    Cool, glad to see this up and running. Doubt I'll get very far, my team's pretty crap tbh. Good to be in the cup though.
  12. DCC_legend

    Division 1 - Round 13 - One Day

    M Guptill G Morgan R Jones * T Roach W Anderson + L Vincent S Styris K Mills A Adams S Bond A McKay
  13. DCC_legend

    Division 1 - Round 13 - First Class

    L Vincent R Jones * G Morgan T Roach W Anderson + T Weston S Styris K Mills S Bond D Tuffey A McKay
  14. DCC_legend

    The Final Season

    :(. Agree with everybody here. Very sad to see it go. Glad to have been a part of it in it's final season. Gotta say thanks to Simon for the amount of effort put in to make this season as good as it has been. Thanks, mate!
  15. DCC_legend

    First Class Round 12 Results & Match Reports

    ****. New the two injured players would affect this game.
  16. DCC_legend

    CW Battrick Cup (season 13)

    1. Withington Wonderers*/Mahindinho/Mahindinho 2. Central Districts*/Keggorz/dontcloseyoureyes 3. Magical Ponies/andyc/andyc 4. Jaffna Jets/chaminda_00/chaminda_00 5. Cymru Gurgitators/trevor_vayro?? 6. Connells Estates CC*/heathdavisspeed/HeathDavisSpeed 7. Tawonga Tigers/geg/NZTailender 8...
  17. DCC_legend

    The Green Thread

    25. My Uni cricket number, I'll take that.
  18. DCC_legend

    The Green Thread

    I think I can remember picking numbers at some stage, not overly sure though. @ GIMH. Don't worry about the retirement, decided I wanted to be a batsman yesterday, but then realised it wouldn't really work out for me stats-wise. And I'm still keen on a contract, too!
  19. DCC_legend

    Dev League Check-In

    Already decided against it, don't worry. Dunno WTF I was thinking yesterday.